Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It's rumored that after less than a month from "the incident", Rihanna and Chris Brown are an item once again.

Hmm... How do I feel about this? (Since the world is talking about it, I better get my take finally.)

Well, the first thing I have to say is that I don't know the full situation, nor do I expect to, so it's hard to put my twist on it when I'm not in it. I actually like it when my name is Benit (and I'm not in it). But of course, I have an opinion on the matter.

In yesterday's convo about the situation, my mom started to ask the questions that a woman should ask when contemplating a reunion with someone who physically hurt you. 'Is he a beater?' 'Does he have a problem?' 'What are his emotional issues?' 'Did he seek counseling?' 'How long has he been in counseling?' I started to laugh when my mother threw these questions out. I said, "Mom. You are in your 40's. Rihanna is 21 for crying out loud!" Lol. I'm not going to say that RiRi isn't a smart lady, but for some inkling, I don't believe that RiRi is going to sit down, or has sat down, and really thought this out. She just turned 21. She doesn't even know what being 21 is yet. When you're young and in your first, serious relationship, the only thing that matters is love. And not even love in the true sense and definition of the word, but love as it relates to emotions and goosebumps and all the little, special moments. That's what really matters to a 21 and 19 year old couple. I don't believe that either of them are old enough to see the deep set damage that this has caused to both of them. Like I said, I don't know the whole situation, but I'm sure that both of them should take some time out to ask themselves and their loved ones a WHOLE lot of questions. But when you're young, you're not going to view your mate selection like a 26 year old woman would. The average 20 year old is not going to ask the boy standing before her if he can impact her mentally, provide for her financially, support her emotionally, cherish her physically, and uplift her spiritually. That's just not the criteria at that time in a woman's life! And if what we're seeing is what it looks like, it's certainly not RiRi's criteria. They look good together, they have deep emotions for each other, they're both successful entertainers who fit together, and they have a good time together. Apparently, that's all they need right now. Is it okay? Eh. I don't know. Normally I would say yes, because they're young, but when situations get dangerous, you're kind of forced to grow up a little quicker. The innocence is officially gone and there's no turning back.

RiRi and Chris will grow up. Hopefully their way of thinking and decision-making skills will progress with age. Actually, I pray that they will.
Side note: I am officially one of those old farts who say "they're young! they don't know any better!" I wanted to cut the people's throats who used to talk about me in this way. I've stepped over into the dark side. Oh geez. =(


Anonymous said...

"The average 20 year old is not going to ask the boy standing before her if he can impact her mentally, provide for her financially, support her emotionally, cherish her physically, and uplift her spiritually. "

Is it weird that I'm 21 and I ask for all of the above except the financial part? No wonder I'm not dating and when I do, it's men that are older than me.

j.a.c. said...

@ Emeritus - ur not average girl and that's a great thing.

MJ said...

Both of these kids are allowing their emotions to guide them and not logic. I hope they get it together.

Deja~I~Am said...

that pic (from link above ^^^^) can totally be staged. Especially the bubble gum. mmmmmmmm. And we don't know what that red mysterious substance is.

MJ said...

From the Polica report... I'm sick from reading that...

Kacey said...

I must say, i'm kinda of shocked by this post. Not at all what I'd expect to hear from you. You sound much too nice. Yes, they're both i think the question is, "where are their mentors, parents, guardians?" Who is letting them continue this way? Are they so famous and successful that they have no boundaries? They can't be taught or learn the same lessons that regular folk do?

I know if when I was 21 and my 19 year old boyfriend even pushed would be on...and probably not even on my part. But my father, your father, mother, your mother, brother, you, aunts, uncles, cousins, would be all over it... and there would be NO going back...not for fear of the BF, but for fear that my family would kick my butt for it.

I guess my point is, if we say they're too young to know any better, then we ask where is the support/guidance of the families. If we say they're adults who should handle the situation on their own, then we hold them both accountable.

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