Sunday, March 22, 2009


you make me want to wait forever. although i know it's not possible, i think i'll try. i love you so much that i could probably climb mountains if you asked me to. consequently, walking up a down-trodden hill doesn't seem so hard. they say true love has no time limit. in that way, my patience has no end. i'm intrigued by what we could be. where our place is in the universe. will we be high every day and stay within the shade of the treetops, or live slightly below the waters where we can be consumed by the density of its space? will our rhythm be that of a steady and low 808 boom or of a sharp and quick high hat cymbal? will you do better than make love to me and make me believe that there is such a place as ecstasy? on the day to day, will you be the one to value reading by the lamplight right before bed time or me? will I be the wife who surprises you with a sweet treat or two? who will be the one to say i love you more? who will be the one to show their love more? ... i wait peacefully for our moment in the same way that i wait for a green light. you're a special kind of wild child covered in randomness. i'm ready to be your calm so we can win the race in this convoluted world. we need each other, i'm positive. just let me know so i don't have to wait forever.

1 comment:

MJ said...

Someone is in love :)

Well... I hope it works out for you...

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