Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

Another day, another dollar.
I'm glad to be alive.
I have my monstrosity of heels today.
They actually hurt this time around.
I think it's because I've been walking on concrete and subway platforms this morning.
Normally, when I wear them, I'm on carpet or sitting down.
I'm not really hungry, but I'm going to eat a yogurt.
My boss just walked in.
She has on a skirt today with stockings.
I don't like stockings unless I'm wearing them for special occasion.
When you wear stockings to work, it looks like you're trying too hard to be professional.
It's just too formal.
I'm having lunch with an old colleague from high school today.
It's been 9 years since I've seen him.
He looks exactly the same though.
It's different seeing him "dressed up" instead of in the uniformed attire from school though.
He sent me a meeting notice for 12pm.
That's too early for lunch.
I need to have lunch at 1 or 1:30 so that when I come back, I don't have that many hours left to work.
Today and tomorrow are the last days that I have with the girl who trained me.
I better take advantage of them.
I really need to work hard these next two days.
But you all know that I'm lazy at heart. =)
Naw, I'ma do what I'm supposed to do.
I'm keeping my buret on all day long.
I need to leave on time so that I can wash my hair tonight.
I guess I should pick up some shampoo and conditioner on my way in then.
That reminds me, I need to check and see when Sallie Mae will be stealing my money.
That may determine whether or not I can buy shampoo and conditioner. LOL.
March madness is upon us.
I need to do my brackets this evening.
Last year, I was in a bracket with three couples.
My mom and dad.
My sis and her boyfriend.
And me and my fiance.
Two out of three of those couples are currently non-existant.
Funny how life turns out.
Everything works out.
American Idol comes on tonight!
I get to watch it at the regular time too tonight since the meeting was yesterday.
That way I don't have to rush through everything so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Oh, wait...my hair.
We'll see how fast I can get my hair done then.
What time does Idol come on anyway?
Ok, it comes on at 8pm.
So I have 2 hours to do my hair if I start the tivo at 8:30.
That works.
I can't wait to take the other girl's desk.
Everytime I look up, this African dude is starring at me!
My back needs to be turned to him FAST.
Get out my face dude!
Okay, yogurt tme.

One more thing.
I really do feel like I'm being cultivated right now.
I say this because I've always wanted to get married.
And I've prayed and prayed and prayed for it.
But one day, it hit me.
I'm not married because I'm not ready.
Especially for the type of spiritual head that I want.
I didn't possess the qualities that I was looking for in a mate.
So, I'm being cultivated right now.
I really feel a lot stronger than I used to be.
Even since when I was engaged.
Especially spiritually.
Believe it or not people, but I'm not even stressing anymore.
I know that sounds weird coming from me, but it's whatever.
The notion of being married doesn't even phase me anymore.
It's weird.
It's definitely because I have so many other things going on in my life.
I have no time to think about that.
Work is a struggle.
I have two or three side gigs that I'm trying to save money from for photography.
My studies take precedence over everything else, finally.
My weekends are even booked up already.
There's just no time.
But even if there was time, my mind is not there anymore.


MJ said...

I feel the same about being cultivated. The new Bible study book is really good and will definitely help us to grow spiritually. Jehovah will bless the both of us when he sees that we are ready... So its time to focus :)

Deja~I~Am said...

lol 2 out of the 3. You right girl. I don't like stockings either but we may feel that way because opaque tights are the fashion style of the time.

I was going to ask to see you you wanted to go to this teens express thing but clearly your schedule is already booked up with television programs (lol- inside joke)

MysTery said...

Lol, you are a mess. Good luck with the job thing!

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