Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Help Wanted! In Need of Inspiration! If You Have Some, Please Donate!

Yo! You know what it is?! I'm lazy by nature! It's so sad but true. I, j.a.c., am a LAZY person. That's a problem right?

Well what saves me is that I'm not apathetic. I'm never apathetic. I always care. Which is why I'm realizing that INSPIRATION IS MY STRENGTH, as spinach is to Popeye's. The only way I get things done is through inspiration!

So let me tell you why I'm inspired right now. Who would have thought!!! BET inspired me!!! "Harlem Heights" got me ya'll. (If you haven't seen the first two episodes, view them here.) I was sitting here this morning like MAN. I really need to get it together. These young people are really doing it. What's weird though is that the ladies didn't really inspire me. Their attitudes killed whatever I could have taken from them. But the men! Oh the men are on point. Especially the part with Landon and Jason mentoring ex-cons. What?! Now that's what's up. They made me realize why I do what I do.

What else gets me inspired? The Bible. Sometimes I read stuff that just gets me. Seriously. That makes my heart swell to the point where it feels like it's going to pop out of my chest like some cartoon. I have a couple of favorite scriptures that keep me on track. I probably need to type them up, print them in bold 50 size font and paste them on my walls.

Music inspires me. Drake's "Lust for Life"?! Hello! You have to have a lust for life, and whenever I listen to that song, it makes me want to get off of my behind and actually lust after what I want. You need to be hungry. Songs have the ability to make me hungry. Whether it's hungry for life, hungry for love, hungry for a good time, or hungry for the art of music and dance itself.

Inspiration definitely plays a roll in the way I dress. Fashion and style are really important to me (that's the first time I've said that - aha moment for me) so I'm always looking out and above to see what's new. I need to see the work of designers to create my own vision. Their views do so much for me. I appreciate a designer's abilities.

Most importantly, to move me, I need to see the ones who have done it already. I need a strong, positive example. I need to see someone workin' it out (like the peeps in "Harlem Heights".) That's a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing in that I can at least identify where my inspiration comes from. Bad in that it limits my prospects of becoming a pioneer in a subject. If I'm always being led, I might never become "the first". But I don't know if I care. I'm not interested in doing anything for the money, so being "first" so I can capitalize on it is not really an issue for me. I'm not trying to win a super spotlight. I just want to do things that make me happy. I want to be fulfilled. But what's cool is that there's always a way to see what someone else has done, and put your own take on it. That way you become a true pioneer for yourself. Ah ha!

Another thing I need to touch on... I'm always saying that I need to get it together. I'm really hard on myself at times. I keep forgetting that it just might be quite possible that I already have it together. I have a lot of things going for myself that I tend to overlook. I have the credentials, I have the experience, I have Bible knowledge, I have a creative gene that most people don't have, I already work with a youth empowerment organization, I'm talented, I've been successful in 2 different states in this country already, I'm passionate, I'm happy with my shoes and bags (lol), and I have a bangin' family. All I need now is to take everything to the next level. I'm blessed that I have the support to do that.

But still... I NEED INSPIRATION. Anything and everything that has the potential to inspire... music, the autobiography of a photographer, a picture of a stylish woman, a quote or scripture, a heart to heart personal email (and not a forward that I'll delete), little pieces of happiness.... Anything. I need it. I need it to survive. I need it to excel!

Question for You: What helps you to excel? For some it's encouragement. For others it simply comes from meditating on where you came from in an effort to do better. Some just have it in them - that raw talent. So you tell me...what helps you succeed?


Deja~I~Am said...

It looked like it was going to be good. I've got to watch it!!!! Wow. BET is doing well.

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

First I must tell you that I am listening to the Drake right now at work and it's taking me in a whole other direction. THAT is what I LOVE about music!

Also feel the same way about Harlem Heights. The women were blah, and extra at the same time. I wish they were portrayed better.

To your question-Purpose, understanding some purpose in what I'm doing, whether to benefit me or someone else does not matter as long as I know that there's a greater good that will come from my actions. I get so lost and demotivated when I see things as "busy work" or just because stuff/fluff. Faith comes into play for me since purpose is not always clearly evident. I too am less concerned with the money aspect, especially since it comes and goes. I like to have it to bless those I can though. I am inspired by people too.

miss alisa said...

I hope this doesn't sound pretentious...

I'm my inspiration. Yep. My fabulous self. I've overcome so much, I've accomplished many things, I've grown so much. I am happy and peaceful every day. In my son I see all the joy and contentment that I could ever ask for. I'm inspired by the need to share myself with others, who discover my limitless abilities, to see what the future has in store, and to make me a better me each and every day... for my baby, for my parents, for my students, and, especially, for God.

This post was an inspiration...

T.C. said...

this song is AWESOME...
i wish i could be motivated to watch harlem heights but i can't seem to force myself to watch anything on i'll take your word for it...

email on the way

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