Thursday, April 22, 2010

15 Days To Go!

It's starting! It's really happening and I'm getting really excited guys. I didn't expect to be this excited so this is truly a surprise. My bridal shower is in less than 4 days which marks the true beginning of wedding madness. Well, my mom and girlfriends might feel differently about when all the wedding madness started, but being on the sidelines for so long (willingly I might add), I finally get to come out and play! I'm sorta nervous too though. Being the center of attention makes my stomach drop, but I'll get over it. There aren't too many of these types of occasions in life. =)

I finally got a job. I am the new receptionist/administrative assistant at Optimization Consulting, Inc. No more high-powered jobs for me. I'm still rolling with the Director and CFO of the company, but this time it's different. I'm no longer responsible for determining the company's budget in 2 hours when such a task normally takes a week. The stress levels from my last three positions as Financial Analysts, Staff Accountant, and Ad Revenue Analysts are night and day compared to what I do now. Ironically, I feel more powerful and in control now than I ever have. When the CFO picked up the set of binders I made for the insurance paperwork today, he said "Where have you been all my life?!" I'm not sure how anyone could mess up putting binders together, but hey, I'll take it. The fact of it is that I'm 110% competent in this job whereas I was wrecking my brain to become 95% competent in the others. I was always praised for my work, but this time, I'm fully confident. This time, I feel like I could run the world. This job is doing amazing things for my confidence. I even dress differently now. The heels are back on, I'm pulling out jewelry I haven't worn in ages, and my hair has been styled differently for the last three days I've been around the OCI staff. It's amazing what changes can do for you. There's this one lady on the staff who always seems to look at me over the tip of her nose as if I'm a nobody. But it's cool. I just smile.

I'm reading a book called "Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be" by Donna Partow. AWESOME book. It covers the capable wife scriptures in Proverbs all the way from my faith foundations to healthy eating to personal appearance to household management. I'm supposed to read one chapter a day as it's "a 90-day guide to living the Proverbs 31 life". I hope that I can keep it up because I already can see the benefits of the book. While stepping into the role of wife, it'll help me in ways unimaginable. I just know it. I keep cheating by shuffling around to different chapters but I'm going to start the book right on Monday since that's what it tells you to do. It says that I need a personal notebook, a monthly calendar, tab dividers and pocket pages. The book even has worksheets in the back on menu planning/grocery shopping, debt reduction strategy and Bible study. I'm excited!

Did I mention that I got hired to write for District Bride Guide? Your local DC wedding resource? It's actually a volunteer position, but I'm happy that I was chosen out of a number of applicants to be a part of a blog that will give me opportunities to put my work out there. I have a regular spot on Fridays to write about the human side of weddings. You know... the emotions, the uncomfortable situations, the stressed out relationships... I offered to write about that because I've had my fair share of ups and downs around my wedding. The experiences that I've had are going to help others, so I'm grateful.

I did quite a bit of personal Bible study last night before trekking down to Waldorf to find a vase for the wedding reception. Arriving home a mere 15 minutes after clocking out of the job helps to get much done in the afternoons. =) Anywho, I was so moved while considering the role that prayer has in a Christian's life. My weekly Bible studies with one of the sister's in the congregation has compelled me to dig deeper into things. I like meeting with her. Now that I'm working, we have to re-arrange our study times, but I'm looking forward to expressing how I feel about prayer with her.

So... life is totally good. I have not one complaint which I am so happy about. I'm actually tearing up right now. Gosh. Things have been so hard. So so so hard. And now... Wait... Let me get it together. I can't cry at work. Lol. Number one rule - Never Cry At Work. (A rule I broke all the time at my last job.) Deep breath... Ok. I'm good now. Jehovah has truly taken care of me. (Starting to cry again... smh.) All the pieces of my life are falling into place in a way that I could have never imagined. I am so happy. I'm back to being me, I'm not stressed out about work, my studies with others and on my own are going well, counseling is opening my eyes, my relationship with my mom is great again, my sisters are warm with love, and I'm getting married in 15 days. I feel like Jill Scott in the first "Why Did I Get Married" series when she was telling her girls about the love she found and transformation she made while staying in Colorado with Troy. I'm so full. My heart is bursting with joy. I pray that I always remember this feeling. THANK YOU JEHOVAH.

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