Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wedding Planning

I'm in full-fledged wedding planning mode again. And this time I'm excited! We've confirmed the date. May 7th. And no, this will not change. I don't care if I have to drag myself down the aisle. We are getting married on May 7, 2010 if it kills me. I just can't go through another date change. You hear me! Even though the wedding will be small this time around (the April 3rd wedding we planned was for 150+ people), I'm tempted to still put the date on blast so that there's no way we can take it back. But this time, there's really no reason to. We've gone through our fights and our hiccups and still have made it through. We've been tested, and guess what? We still love each other! Go figure! So basically, what I'm trying to say is that nothing will keep me from marrying that man on May 7th. Nothing.

So the dress is at my aunt's house hanging in her guest bedroom closet. I probably need to get the veil back so I can play with it in my hair.

I've decided to wear the old wine/red pumps that my fiance picked out when we first started dating. He loves those shoes. He thinks that they're really sexy and brags about how good of a job he did in picking them (and I must admit that his taste was dead on) so I thought it would be nice to wear them on our big day.

With a splash of red on my feet, I'm considering splashing my nails with red too. I need to set up some additional appointments for beauty regimens.

As far as the makeup goes, I'm want something natural. I did Hollywood glam for the engagement pics, so I want something softer this time around. I need my sis to make an appointment with the makeup artist for me... Ok. I just texted her.

Jewelry. Ugh. I can't even bring myself to figure that out. For some reason, jewelry is so hard for me! Next!

Wedding bouquet. I should probably google some florists today and find out where they get their flowers. I want to make my bouquet myself and have some of the mini cala lillies match my shoes. Perhaps future hubby's tie should match as well? We'll see about that.

Hair. So I have a hair appointment tomorrow at noon to try my other sis' stylist out. She doesn't know that I'll be surveying her work, but I hope she turns out well, because I don't have a plan B. I have an idea of how I want it to look, but I'm not saying too much in case there's a nosey man out there who's reading this.

Since we're having such a small wedding, the photographer/videographer will have to be on point. Future hubby is going to handle that. He mentioned something about his cousin who did all of his other family members weddings. I'm trusting his judgment on this one.

This evening, we're visiting the ceremony site as well as the restaurant that we want to have dinner at. I'm a lot less picky than my parents so if it's up to me, we'll have that signed, sealed and delivered tonight.

Invitations are awaiting the restaurant name, and that's done.

I had to mention to my mother that it's time to start planning a bridal shower. My future mom-in-law called me today and said "so i guess it's not a surprise huh". Nope. Since we've gone through so much back and forth with our wedding date, I figured I should initiate the planning and then let them keep the ball rolling. It's only fair. I know how confusing this all has been. My sisters are planning a less traditional, maybe even less conservative "ladies night in" event that the older ones are not invited to. I'm interested to see how it goes down. Should be fun! Oh. I need to give them a friends list for that. I should do that now.

For the ceremony, I want white lights and some candles. That should be simple. I might pick those up myself next weekend.

Honeymoon. Well I know we aren't really doing a true honeymoon yet, but MJ's dad mentioned helping us to a weekend away in Williamsburg or something like that. The Antigua honeymoon vacay will have to wait.

I'll go pick up his wedding band closer to the wedding. I'm excited to see it. My engagement ring has to be re-sized with my wedding band so I may need to drop it off a bit earlier.

I'm sure there's more but it'll come to me. I was trying to treat this as another small gathering with friends but it's not quite turning out that way. LOL. Se la vie!


Trenya said...

YES! Congratulations Jendi for picking and a date and sticking with it. That's what we are doing too! I am marrying my honey on October 9, come hell or high water! Best wishes planning and here's to a beautiful wedding and marriage! Cheers!

j.a.c. said...

Thanks Trenya! Same to you. I wish you and your soon to be hubby all the best!

T.C. said...

"we're going to the chapel and we're going to get married" LOL

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