Friday, April 09, 2010

Forming A Habit - Again

I just finished reading an article that really hit me. Not too long ago, I wrote a blog about my desire to form a habit. I haven't been doing so well in that area. My efforts to read the Bible daily have been lackluster at best. What's interesting is that I love doing the weekly Bible study program that my school assigns, so much so that I sometimes have trouble waiting for my fiance to do it together on Saturdays. But reading it twice is never a harm right? In any case, the article I studied really got me going in terms of my Bible reading and personal study. There was a footnote in the article that encouraged me to consult my Theocratic Ministry School textbook. This is what it said: "Why has Jehovah chosen to have his grand purposes written down in a book? So that people can consult his written Word...consider [His] wonderful works...and commit to memory God's practices. Our appreciation for Jehovah's generosity in this matter is best shown by the way that we apply ourselves to reading his life-giving Word." Wow, homie. I never thought about it that way. God went through all this trouble of producing stories, prophecies, counsel, proverbs, poetry, details and real-life examples just so that what? So that we can put the Bible on the shelf and only pick it up when we want to? That just wouldn't seem right. God worked on this Bible for me. So how better could I show my appreciation for what He did than to read it and apply it to my life? The Bible is not to be taken lightly.

So I need to work on forming that habit again. The key to doing so is regularity. If I can do this, I'll be a pretty sharp sista! You know what I'm saying?!

Off to do some reading!


T.C. said...

WOW! I never thought of that either...maybe we can encourage each other because i KNOW i need to feed myself with it please share when you can :)

i know you can do it sista

MJ said...

I can tell you're lying cause you said "You know what I'm sayin??"

LOL :)

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