Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ran-dumb Thoughts

It's 3 something in the morning and I'm wide awake
Went through facebook
Stalking on other people's lives
I need to take more pics for my profile's sake

Stomach is making all sorts of noises
When I'm menstruating, it all goes down
The orchestra in my belly is tuning up
Been over a decade but I'll never get used to this

Had my first wives club outing
All of us sitting at happy hour with rings on our fingers
Never hung with my-aged brides before
Talking about life, husbands, plans, and love

Summer clothes are unpacked and ready to hang
Good thing I lived in LA and invested in cute dresses
Being broke ain't no joke when a new season rolls around
The new flirty 2010 wear will have to wait

I want to wake him up right now just because
He's probably snoring his way into ecstasy
Once he's out, he doesn't wake up
How will it be to sleep next to him for life?

I want to hear more about year one marriage
They say the first is the hardest
Is that why no one talks about it?
Where's all the counsel, advice and wisdom?

Have you heard the commercials?
The ones about Essure?
Permanent birth control without cutting?
Now THIS is genius!

Am I nervous about marriage?
Heck yes, especially there's no way to prepare
Sure you can sharpen the tools in your box - communication, love
But in this case, experience is the best teacher

1 comment:

T.C. said...

as long as you set the foundation of love and friendship with RESPECT and GOD at the WILL MAKE IT! :)

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