Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wedding Money

The wedding can be no more than 40 people. That means family, a few of the elders and that's it. We're trying to figure out a way to include more people with separate celebrations but for the ones who are long distance, it doesn't really make sense for them to fly in if it's just for a post-wedding party right? I want to ask specific ones how they would feel, but mums the word for now. I don't want to speak on things that don't exist yet. Invitations are such a touchy thing. So sensitive. I'm glad no one has come right out and asked for one though. My baptism was the most important day of my life. If anyone wants an invitation for something, they should have asked for that one.

I'm excited though. Only 30 days to go. I'm not going to lie. One of the most exciting parts of all this are the gifts. I'm sooooo broke right now that I'm actually looking forward to counting dollar signs. If I had a job, I wouldn't think so much on it. But this loan bill is going to hurt me if I can't put money on it after I get married. I really don't want to rely on money I don't have though. So let's find a job j.a.c. I need to make a spa appointment soon. I'm scared to put it on the credit card, especially because these things are usually so expensive, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I gotta get my lady jewels taken care of. I also want to order a bridal name change kit that has all the forms needed to change my last name. DMV, social security, passport, IRS, etc. but I gotta wait on that too. MJ is applying for a government position, so even if I don't find a job anytime soon, we'll be fine if he gets the job. We've been praying a lot lately over our job searches.

What else needs to be done? Oh. We need to paint the bedroom and order the Ikea wardrobe we picked out. Thankfully Uncle Jim sent us a little pre-wedding assistance to purchase these items. We've actually had the paint for a while. It's been sitting by the door in the condo for months. I hope Ikea still has the wardrobe. I can probably handle painting on my own if MJ preps the room for me. I'm off, so why not?

I wonder how my sisters feel about my pending nuptials. Since I announced the new date, I haven't heard anything from any of them but one. TC even asked me what the others said. Not a word. I guess that's what happens when you set a date, postpone it, plan nothing for a while, and then set another date. I'll send an email out seeing how everyone is though. It's been a while since I've felt sisterly camaraderie. (Lol. TC already replied with some exclamation points and cap letters. You can always count on her! LOL.)

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T.C. said...

being young and broke is a blower...

BUT you are no longer stressed, you're happy, your planning a wedding and moving forward so hey take that over the stress of the daily grind

ask for a forebarance on your loans and contact your credit card folks and ask them can you put off a payment for a month...

you can even do that with your car loan too (only for one month though) but there are ways to give yourself a little breathing room and it doesn't count against you

i am always here and will always be here for you...

that's what friendship/sistahood is all about!

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