Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Week In My Life

Yaaaawwwn. Another week to go.

How ya doin folks? Me? I'm just fine. Lovin life and life is lovin me. We're getting ready to attend our annual district convention in Richmond for three days of spiritual food. There's so much to do before we get there. Today I have to get our laundry down to a bearable size. I need to take MJ's shirts to the cleaners. And I have to start planning our meals for the three days. Sunday after the convention, we're staying down in VA for a 'Meet & Greet Mr. and Mrs. Jackson' event that my mother-in-law is throwing. I hear that a lot of people are coming. I'm excited to meet MJ's family. We're going to get home waaay late that night. Maybe I should take off Monday too. Let me email hubby to see if he thought about that. I'm expecting to get the new clothes that I bought off by Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I'll really be able to figure out what I'm going to wear. Tuesday I need to wash my hair and Wednesday, I need to get it trimmed up again and then make sure I'm all packed. Detra never cuts my hair short enough the first time. She thinks that I'm not going to be able to grab it if it's too short. She underestimates my skill. lol.

I got my new Essence magazine yesterday. I'm always excited about that. Maybe today I won't be so bored at work now. Oh! I have a new tv series that I'm watching too. Keeping up with the Joneses. It's a pretty inspiring show because it's everything that I'm interested in. The creator of the Texas regional fashion magazine "Jones", Tracey Ferguson, is chronicling her life while being a mother of two and while trying to expand the magazine to a national status. Tracey is so fabulous and together that I'm enthralled. I'm hoping to use the inspiration I get from the show to dabble into some things of my own. We'll see how far I get with it. Love it!

What else is up? Marcus got a phone call from a friend last night that he missed. We were so excited to call him back hoping that we were going to get invited out somewhere, but when we heard that the call was accidental, we were quite bummed. So pathetic we are... But that's okay. We had a great weekend together. Saturday amongst the misty rain of the morning, my husband told me to get in the car without knowing where he was taking me. To my smile's benefit, we ended up at the local pond that's looped by a woodside trail that I've mentioned I wanted to take a peak at. We pass by it everyday but we never knew what was beyond the first glance. It was so special because I always talk about playing in the rain and that's exactly what Marcus had us do. We ran hand in hand through the misty downpours throughout our excursion around the pond. What's best about it is that he didn't even complain! With white sneakers on and all, he never said a word. He just grabbed my hand and let me through the woods. Even when I told him that we couldn't do this because of his sneakers and the heavy rain drops, he said no and pulled me onwards. My husband is so good to me. Ever since I explained to him through tears about how I need someone who likes the same things I like, he's stepped his game up. The man truly takes care of my heart and I love him for that. He's so tender with me and works very hard to make me happy. I'm so blessed.

Okay, I'm all mushy inside so I'm going to go now. Lol.

Have a nice day everyone.

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