Friday, July 23, 2010


One of the new interns walked by earlier and said that I need to smile because I always look mad. Maybe so. Every minute of the day feels like an hour here. Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" just came on. That makes me feel like someone is looking out for me. =/ *sigh* What to do...what to do... I need to take a trip to Office Depot and secure a scrapbook and some art supplies. I'm tired of sitting here doing nothing.

Dionne Farris' "Hopeless" from the Love Jones soundtrack is now on. "They say I'm hopeless!" I love this song. Smooth jazzy grown folks sounds... Why haven't any directors and producers caught on to the fact that we need some more films like that? Black love...Why hasn't anyone heard our cries? I need to write the director of Love Jones a letter. What's his name? Theodore Witcher. What have you been doing slacker!? What's the lady's name who did Love & Basketball and Something New? What's she doing now-a-days?! Come on people!

I love how Erykah's "A.D. 2000" goes from left to right in my ears. "No you won't be naming no buildings after me. My name will be mistated. Surely." Did anyone ever notice that the sound goes back and forth from the right speaker to the left? I love that. I'm looking forward to seeing her soon. Oh goodness, and now Anita Baker's "Body and Soul" is on! "What have you done to me? I cannot eat. I cannot sleep." Yes! This is my favorite genre of music. You see the constant stream that runs through these songs that I've mentioned. Mature, jazzy, soulful music. Music that comes from the heart. Music that I can close my eyes too.

I'm finding that my husband and I have different tastes in music. He's more so into the new pop stuff. The Dreams, Omarions and such. He gravitates to it. I like them too, but only in doses. I can listen to smooth, urban soul all day long. Jill Scott, D'Angelo, Erykah, Prince and the like. Stuff that speaks truth. I'm so over the amazingly sexed up music of today. For example, there's something about Ciara's "Ride" that bothers me. I guess it's because I know the video was too sexual and consequently was banned from BET. Come on now... from BET!? Now you know! She must have been naked if that was the case. I don't understand what's up with all the sexual overtones now-a-days. I can't even support Ciara's fresh behind no more. She gets younger and more immature to me. Goodness I sound old.

Mary is on. I'm attracted to music with actual instrumentation. Drums, bass guitars and such. But certain music is good for varying moments. The repetitive house beat that Black Eyed Peas throws out there is perfect for working out and dancing to. Jazz music is great to cool out to. Maimouna Youssef is great when you're with a bunch of people who appreciate her sounds. And even Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag" is cool when the kids are in the club doing the newest dance all in happy unity. Whatever promotes peace right?

Speaking of my main man... "I might break the law round here cause your beauty gives one pause." Go 'head Prince. "I just can't stop writing songs about you! I love you so much!" Wow. I haven't heard Musiq's "143" in a while. Remember when this CD was on heavy rotation!? Everyone loved Musiq's first CD. What's happening to him now-a-days? I know he puts out music but we never hear anything about it. People told me that his last CD wasn't good. I should buy it though because my tastes are normally different from others. Actually I think my husband has it. I need new music to be acquainted with ASAP. Maybe that way I wouldn't be so dag on bored all of the time.

Music is a lifesaver... Thank you Jehovah for ears!

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