Wednesday, July 07, 2010

If Jenn Was Here..

...we'd be going to see J*Davey tonight at Liv. $18 cover or not, Jenn woulda made me go and I would have a fantastic time. I haven't seen J*Davey in forever. I wish I had a personal bodyguard. I'd feel so much better about doing things alone.

If Jenn was here, we would connect over our Christian integrity struggles.

If Jenn was here, I wouldn't have to be concerned with my conduct 24/7 so as to not stumble her when I'm out an about.

If Jenn was here, I could release.

If Jenn was here, I could be the fun me.

If Jenn was here, we would be up in Bohemian Caverns every Wednesday making friends and groupie stalking the latest artistic gem at the open mic/poetry jam.

If Jenn was here, we'd be winding it up with our rasta men at the Eighteenth Street Lounge Rocker's International Night! Gosh I miss our sweatin'-the-hair-out dance sessions!!!!

If Jenn Was Here...


Jenn Will said...

I kid you NOT that I had these EXACT Same sentiments on Sunday. I'll send you an email with more detail, but I picked up my phone to call you at like 11p my time on Sunday and then realized that that wouldn't be the best idea. But yes, I miss my Jen as well.
Those were definitely some of my best years, when Jen and Jenn were connected at the hip.

j.a.c. said...

Girl. I lashed out at my husband the other day because of my lack of a life. I got so mad at him sitting there with his laptop as cozy as can be without a care in the world while I'm still yet struggling to figure out who I can go out and do me with. I thought I was a homebody but I don't have anything on Marcus. I needed you in that instant. When I screamed at him that I didn't have anyone here who understood and got me, I hit me that I miss you.

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