Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Blessed Long Weekend

Hi everyone! Today is my first day back to work. I had a lovely long weekend. I went to the convention, got my encouragement on, and got re-energized for another year of spiritual service. My spiritual goals for the year are to read the Bible daily and to really study what I'm learning. I feel if I get a little something in me on daily basis, it'll be really hard to fall off track.

On Sunday after the convention, mom, dad, sis, husband and I drove a little futher into VA for a post-wedding reception that my mother-in-law threw for us. It was so nice! She called it a Meet and Greet. Since we had a small wedding, she wanted to throw a party where my family and I could meet the rest of Marcus' fam. It was really special. We ate, we danced, we took pics (see facebook!), and we got gifts! My mom-in-law even gave me money for a new dress, so with her help I looked dressed for success! Oh, and I have to say that my husband knows what looks good on me. From shoes to dresses, he always picks out the best stuff. Thanks hubby for the dress pick!

Yesterday, we were entirely too tired to go to work so we called out and had a special day on our own. We slept, we ate, we went shopping, we had our family worship which was on learning about Jehovah through his creation, we budgeted our money for the week, we visited his mom where we picked up our new Mac desktop for the house, and we went to the movies! It was great. In the movies, Marcus out of the blue said, "This is the kind of day I like. Spending every moment with my friend." That left the biggest smile on my face of course. All he could do was laugh at me because of how hard I was cheesing. Oh! How could I forget this!? We also got the GREATEST news yesterday. Marcus got the government job he applied for!!! Woohoo! We worked so hard on those KSAs and prayed so hard. =) Jehovah is really blessing us.

I am so full of blessings and love. I can't imagine marriage and life getting any better than what it is right now. I am so thankful. I know Jehovah is looking out for us as we continue to serve Him. Thank you Jehovah for a wonderful life!

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T.C. said...

all i can do is :) this is wonderful J absolutely wonderful!

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