Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Writing

I feel better than I did yesterday. While getting dressed this morning, I stopped and danced through a whole song. It was nice to get my blood running like that. People are irritating me at work. Well, not people. Just the other receptionist. She's not a very smart cookie I'm finding. I wish I could give her a portion of 'no disrespect' the next time she brings another one of her front desk issues to me. If a guest comes to the front desk with an issue, handle it. Don't call me and then bring them back to me. Just think for a second and figure it out. I can do no more than you can. Gosh, I can't stand slow people. I know that sounds bad, but it's true.

I'm ready to get my convention on. I'm so glad my sis is coming. Things are always interesting when she's around. I love my sister when she's easy to love. Ha! But this is my first year attending the convention as a married woman. This is the very event that I've been dreaming about having a husband for. When I was engaged the first time around, I kept picturing myself sitting alone at district conventions. I'm so glad that I will be sitting next to my partner in Christ.

My husband read my blog yesterday and subsequently pulled out my breakfast this morning. Te he he. And get this! I don't even want it today! I'm so over my yogurt and granola bar mix. I've had it for three days straight. I wish I had a toasted bagel with cream cheese. But I reached down in my stash of goodies and had some maple & brown sugar oatmeal instead. I wish there were more options for quick and fast breakfasts. I absolutely love waffles, pancakes and french toast along with a bomb omelette, but who has time for that in the morning unless you pay for it? I'm already looking forward to lunch. I have to go buy a few things for the convention during my lunch break but I'm hoping to spend a little time relishing in some noontime goodness. Gosh I'm so hungry right now. I think I'm going to go Chinese today. It's been a while since I've had some good Chinese. I'm tempted to order it now. Shooooo. Ok. We just ordered. 12 noon on the dot. I haven't ordered with an office group in a while. Gotta get my portion of the money straight cuz you know how it goes when you order food in a group. I wonder what my husband's going to eat tonight.

I really have nothing to do today. I should be looking into the ideas that I have, but I kinda need supplies to get things moving. I need to take a visit to Office Depot. I like going to that store. What else is there to talk about? Umm.... The rain stopped. We needed it. I hope it starts up again. I wouldn't mind if it drizzled like it's been doing all day long. Gotta keep the hair protected though because it's fresh. My hair finally looks good guys. Cut just the way I like it. That reminds me that I need to take some pictures. We were supposed to do a photo shoot last night but we got home too late after we picked the car up from the shop. Speaking of cars, we were talking about buying a new one hypothetically. We are certainly in no position for one, but with the chance of this new job that MJ applied for, we can't help but to dream. I still believe that even with him making six figures, we'll still be broke. I say mo' money, mo' problems, but mister man doesn't agree. We'll see. Maybe he knows something that I don't. When you can afford more, you do more. And boy oh boy am I looking forward to traveling through a timeshare.

That gets me off to another subject: kids. I wrote about this topic on my weekly blog spot over at bridedistrict just this past week. My heart is softening a little in regards to not having them. I want them, but then again I don't. Did you see that dude get beat up in the hallway at Bowie High? I can't even imagine what the hallways will look like when my child turns 14. I'm scared son. I told myself that this whole children thing has to be decided before I turn 30. I really want to be on a roll with this kiddie thing by then if we decide to have them. But who knows. Right now, I'm looking forward to traveling. In the short-term, I really want to hit up New York and California to get the theatre and see Jenn, respectively. In the long-term (but not so long-term), I want to do a cruise with hubby and eventually take that European trip with my mom and sis.

Well I'm going to watch a Judy Garland movie for the time being. Talk to you all soon and have a great weekend.

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T.C. said...

you know i think all generations go through a time when things are rougher than others...maybe your kids might have to do private school, but then again maybe this next generation you wont...

they brought the 80s back in every since of the word in terms of not just dress and style, but the attitudes, the violence the disregard for authority...but then you think about the 90s and i am sure that there was that element but it wasn't as rampat, like Suitland was a GREAT school now not so much but it wasn't so much in the 80s either...

so you know i say all that to say...go for what you know...

and mo money mo taxes! LOL

i am really glad you two are going to the convention and can't wait to hear what you thought

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