Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Post From District Bride Guide

I'm pulling this post over from my weekly submission to District Bride Guide. The post will be up tomorrow, but I wanted to post it here today as I think it's worth sharing. Let me know what you think of the topic.

Do You Expect A Happy Marriage?

I've been on facebook all day it seems like! For the first time in who
knows how long, I visited the profiles of friends who I graduated from high
school with ten years ago and guess what?! A great number of us have gotten
married within the last two years! Isn't that crazy? Well, maybe not.
This IS about the time when many Americans get hitched... 25, 26, 27 years
old. I thought I was going to get married straight out of college, but I'm so
happy that I didn't... The timing of my marriage couldn't have been more

I think I'm bitten by the love bug. I'm so happily married guys! I actually
can't believe how happy I am. I am being 100% honest when I say that
I didn't think it was possible to be this happy living beside another human
being with different preferences, experiences and thinking abilities than
I. Let me tell you why.

During our pre-marital counseling session, we were "warned" as it were.
Being that our sessions were spiritual in nature, we were given every scripture
in the book Bible regarding marriage, communication, selfishness, respect
and other necessary topics. Everyone that we came in contact with who was
already married told us that even though there will be good times, prepare
prepare and prepare some more for the hard times. I was once told
to pack my marriage tool kit, and to pack every single fix-it tool
that I could find. With counsel like that, I was a little nervous.
Actually, I was scared. With each session that we had, I wasn't sure if I
was to expect a happy marriage. Now, I'm not saying that the sessions weren't
helpful because they were. But they sure did give me a lot to think about -
which was probably the point. While I'm not in dire need of my marriage tool kit
at the moment, I'm glad I know where it is. So let me ask you this...

Do you expect a happy marriage? Or are you super aware of the hard
times ahead like I was? What kind of space do you see you and your mate in
around year marks one, five and ten? Will you still be getting
dressed up and going on dates in Georgetown? Will you still make love? Will you
still write love notes and slip them into each others coat
pockets? What do you expect your marriage to look like? I'd love to

As far as my marriage is concenered, I'm glad to say that things are
absolutely divine on this 76th day of my marriage. (I'm not keeping track. I
promise. I just looked it up on what is now our "old" wedding site.) My
expectations are superceded and I will work very hard to have this feeling a
year from now and even further into the future. I EXPECT a happy marriage.

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