Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spritually Thinking

You know what I never thought about? Jesus was with His father for eons before coming to earth right. Jesus was even with His Father when He created earth and put perfect Adam and Eve on the earth. So He knew that men were supposed to be created in God's image and and how peaceful humans were to live. So imagine what Jesus must have thought when He came to earth and noticed how jacked up things had gotten? How far from His Father's original purpose the world had become? I can see Jesus just standing in the streets looking around taking in how serious and ugly the effects of sin were. Imagine Jesus looking over his left shoulder and seeing the Pharisees preaching in God's temple with big ole egos and wrong information and then looking at his left and noticing men having arguments with other men over cheating scales that caused them to have to pay more than what an item is worth. Man! Jesus' heart must have been heavier than a ton of bricks. If I were Jesus, I would have been so sad shaking my head thinking that they had no idea how life could have been.

Reflecting on Jesus' feelings gets me to thinking... I am so happy that Jesus didn't just wallow in our pitiable state and leave us like that. Instead, he was motivated to teach everyone about the good news. He literally ran around from city to city teaching everyone that Jehovah is the God who we should look to for better living, AND if you obey Him, you'll get back to the paradise that was intended for us! Being a Christian (a person who strives to imitate Christ), I appreciate Jesus' example. People today have no idea what life was supposed to be like. I told my co-worker that it would be nice to work alongside and relax with people in love with no effects of sin or death in the mix. We would all just be genuinley happy, playing with the tigers and swimming with the crocodiles. He said that he doesn't know if he wants to live in a world where it's just happy all the time. Well I do. After living in a world where I see people dying from cancer, little children getting raped by their fathers and families losing their houses with no choice but to move to shelters, I'm ready for some peace. I'm ready for the suffering to end and I'm determined to live my life right so that I can be there to see it. It's the hope and faith in a brighter future that gives me my endurance. No one or nothing is going to prevent me from being in that paradise that was originally intended for us. If God wants it for me, why should I not want it for myself?

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