Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just had to steal these pics from ybf today. They really struck my heart strings today. Married now, I understand the amount of hard work that can sometimes weigh a marriage down. There's simply nothing easy about it. And for that very reason, I really love these pics of Bey and Jay. Even though marriage is hard, this husband and wife team appears to be so.... what's the word? Easy! There's something so sweet and endearing about them. They actually look like friends...

Jay always throws his arm around Bey. Haven't you noticed that? Take a look back at some of the pics. He does it at the basketball games, walking down the street and on their yacht vacations too. It's such a "this is my homegirl, my roll dog" statement. It's different than holding hands, and even different than what Bey's doing in the second picture (which says "this is my baby who I love to take care of"). Jay's display of love is so an everyday thing. A simple, every day thing. I absolutely LOVE that. It's normal. It's effortless.

These pics are inspiring to me. Of course, we're only seeing one side of the story, but what we do see is immensely loving. They're having fun, they're smiling, they're into one another... It's almost as if the novelty of being together hasn't worn off. And how long have these two been together? Since 2002! Dating for 6 years and married for 2. There's no question that these two are grounded in each other. It shows.

One of my biggest fears in my marriage is that the novelty of each other will wear off and we'll get tired of one another. Or that the idea of each other is no big deal anymore. I'm telling you, the conflicts and arguments can do something terrible to the bond of a couple. Especially a couple that hasn't been together that long like my husband and myself. It's almost like each argument can start to degrade the relationship. Soon enough you're just focusing on ways to avoid disagreements instead of ways to bond and live easy. You can tell that Bey and Jay are friends. What their fights are like, no one will know. But one thing is for sure. After being together for 8 years, we can be sure they've had their share. So to come out looking like this is so awesome. I only pray that I look this way in 8 years. I want something natural, easy and happy too.

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