Monday, August 02, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Well I hope. I hope you did something fun. The days and weeks seem to run together at times, so it's nice to be able to enjoy the time off and soak in as much peace and relaxation as you can. Recharge your batteries, so to speak.

My weekend was... (I always have a hard time remembering exactly what I did.) Let me think. It was... eventful. Friday, my husband and I went to the movies to see Salt right after I picked him up from the metro station. I ended up being in a funky mood for whatever reason, so I went to bed early that night. Saturday morning, my husband and I got into an argument (probably because of said funky mood that didn't seem to go away) and then promptly made up. We then went to my parent's so that I could meet with a client. I have a photography job that I want to do extremely well on, so I actually need to take some time today and think about how I want to approach the job creatively. After meeting with the client, mom, dad, my husband and I went out to Fairfax, VA to schmooze with some old friends of the family. The Mrs. of the house just got promoted to VP of HR so we went to celebrate with them and to kind of step my toe back into her world for potential networking opportunities. I left promising to get on her calendar so I need to make sure I do that. Saturday night, my husband took me back to the spot where we used to sit in the car together while dating. It was nice to go back and visit the old dating grounds. Sunday, after service, we went to Carrabas for a nice dinner and then came home to rest, watch tv and cook together. I think my favorite day of the weekend was Sunday, although I was sad that Sunday evening meant work in the morning. I like time alone with my husband.

This week is going to be different. I'm not going to sit at this desk bored out of my mind. I'm going to conjure up a plan. Today, after finishing my Bible reading and studies, I am going to do a couple of things. I'm going to set up the next steps for my business and plan out when I'll be able to register for photography and design classes according to my paychecks. Then I'm going to sketch out a creative design scheme for the side job I acquired Saturday. I also plan to re-do my budget, look for jobs and crack open a new novel that I brought from home. I know that I hate my job, but I want to make the best of this. I can't have the time that I spent here go in vain.

Anyway, how was your weekend and what big plans do you have for the week? How will you make the best out of your week? I could use the inspiration so let me know! =) Have a good one.

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T.C. said...

i went to jchenderson's engagement party and i was just totally IN love with how much SHE is in love and how much that man loves her! it was awesome
well that was AFTER running around, taking pictures as a surprise for my parents and picking them up at the airport...
my weekend was full of family and friends and my week seems to be shaping up to be the same way...
your week is definitely going to be better because you have LIVE music and a ladies evening out to look forward to on Saturday! :)

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