Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Trends 2010

I'm itching to shop. I'm so excited for this year's fall trends. Here are seven. Which trend are you looking to buy this season?

The Aviatrix

I have my pea coat so it's time to search for a good quality aviator jacket.

Camel Classics

I have a cute camel overcoat with a leopard fur collar to boot that I'm excited to wear this year.

The Great Cover Up

Zara is great for these capes and cover up coats. There's where I got mine!

Country Cool

Anybody up for cable knit sweaters and parkas?

Amazing Lace

I'm looking for minimal lace this year... Just a shirt will do, if I find the right one.

Scarlet Fever

Now, this is what I'm talking about. I definitely need to go scarlet shopping. I love the color red. If I'm pinching pennies, red lipstick and my red, wedding pumps will have to do.

Tailor Made

Borrow from the boys. Blazers and tailored pants suits. This is my biggest want. Pants and pants suits.

Shopping List: winter white & grey cigarette pants, aviator jacket, lace shirt, tailored suit, red dress, parka, cable knit sweater, feminine frilly blouses

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