Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Blocked

Can you believe it? All of a sudden, I'm getting super sensitive about sharing my business! Yesterday, I temporarily deactivated my facebook account (yes, only temporarily) and for the past couple weeks, Ive found myself journaling a lot more rather than blogging. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm becoming so private! Anyone who knows my blogging history can understand how big of a shift this is for me. I used to share my entire world with the internet. What the latest embarrasing emotional pain I was in, what new booty scratching ailment I had (not really) and what color underwear I had on.
Is the purpose of facebook really to keep in touch with your friends and family, or is it more so to be nosey and snoop around in the lives of others? I can tell you for a fact that I snoop. And not only do I snoop, but I form opinions of people based on their pictures and start to catch feelings about people's status messages when they're a little too perky or a little to immature. For example, upon hearing about this new chick that I was supposed to catch a happy hour with, I immediately found her on facebook to gather investigative information. What kind of clothes does she wear? Does she keep her hair neat? Who are her friends? Is she miss chatty on this thing? When was her latest wall post? Don't fake like you don't do it too. I have facebook lojack on you. I always know where you are.

What did we do before facebook and twitter? I can't even remember. Pagers. That's what we did. I never had a pager though, so you know what I did?! I wrote letters! Gasp! Remember when we used to write notes and fold them up like footballs? (My husband wrote me a note like that recently and it brought back so many warm feelings.) Remember when we couldn't wait to open it and read it so you could write one back and shyly pass it back? Having to walk up to someone to pass them the note was real man! You actually had to muster up guts and feel some raw emotions and crap! It was real. We don't do that anymore.

So why did I deactivate my account? Honestly, because of how stupid emotionally attached I was to that thing. I felt like I had no control! It's really silly, but there are some people on there that I'm not really feeling too much, but for some reason, I'm always clicking on their name to find out what they did or said lately. How stupidly curious! And then I would do the "ugh" sound everytime I ended up on their profile only to click away in disgust. (That is so unchristian of me to portray such disdain. Forgive me Lord.) But why do I do that to myself?!

You know what it is too? I have a real hatred towards cliques. Facebook is nothing but an universal manifestation of cliques. It brings out of me a longing to want to be "in". It makes me forget that I am in fact the ish all by myself, even without a facebook account. Yes, that's the real reason I left facebook.

But for all the things that facebook isn't, there are a million reasons that facebook is. And that's why, one day, I'll be back.

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T.C. said...

Hence one of the reasons I got off...what really tipped me over the edge was that someone called me a "bitch" in a as he said "joking" manner because my response to his topic of the day wasn't what HE wanted to hear...

that was when the whole clique, this is high school and i am over it type of deal clicked to me

most people say facebook isn't evil, its the way people use it...but i contend that it brings the worse out of folks because it plays on all the negative emotions we feel, like being nosey and judgemental...

initally it was temp and then with my new career it became permenant

i don't miss it and i am not going back...i also refuse to join twitter because what i have to say just isn't that important

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