Sunday, January 04, 2009

Flushing Out The Plans

A lot happened today. Today's events finally put everything in motion for me. I now know where I am needed, when I'm moving, and what I'm going to do.

We had a family meeting today. Being that my parents will be moving to Huntsville, AL at the end of '09, the four of us have A LOT to do. We're trying to put the house up for sale in less than 2 months soooooo that means we have a lot to do in order to turn this place into a model home. What's going to make this transition so interesting is that there are things in this house that I haven't seen for 20 years. For example, my dad recently went into the attic and pulled out my Barbie trunk that housed all of my Barbies and their clothes. I was so excited to see that thing! My parents asked me if it was trash and I looked at them like they were crazy. There's no way I can throw away my Barbies! How dare they suggest such a thing! lol. So I can't even imagine what else is waiting to be uncovered. Girl scout and cheerleading uniforms? Stuffed animals from my elementary days? My favorite childhood book/toy/sweater? Who knows what we'll find! I've never been so super excited to start cleaning! =)

At the family meeting, we set a date for winter cleaning. January 24th and 25th. That means I have between the 12th and the 19th to do my thing in the city, close up shop, and move to MD for good. (I'm attending an assembly in Jersey on the 10th & 11th and the inauguration ball on the 20th here in DC.) So yeah. I'm moving. Finally. I finally have a firm date. I finally have a plan. See, this is why I always say 'when you don't know what to do, do nothing'. My entire schedule for 2009 has completely worked itself out for me. And I always knew it would.

My tentative plan was to stay in the city until I could find a job and move into my own place, but since The C Family has such major action items to check off, I'm needed at home. And guess what? I really don't mind! I think it makes a difference that we're all here working towards a common goal. It's not like we have four individual adults sitting here looking at one another wondering who's going to move out first. =) We've all lovingly decided to pitch-in in our own ways so that we all save money, and complete projects efficiently. It's even been built up so that we secure a win win situation for each individual family member. I'm telling you, our family meeting today was the bomb.

Even as I work for the good of the family and whatever employer I'm working for, I still need to remember my own individual goals and draw up a plan to accomplish them. That's next on my to do list. Can't forget about me!


Thesis said...

Proud of you Croom! I'm just a holla anyway if u need to talk!


FullComplexity said...

I'm from Alabama! Just wanted to throw that in there!! =)

Glad your plans worked out. It's great when things just fall into place.

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