Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seconds of Winter Wonderland, Hours of Dirty Chaos

"Let's write a blog together!" is what he said.

This is what happens when you meet with an acquaintance over tea on 23rd street...staring out of a Starbucks window while New York's snow falls heavily to the ground. Two creative minds come together to form such:

R.A. says that he misses the snow. But not when it's like this. It's better when it's fresh and the ground is a sparkly white. It gives him a nostalgic feeling and reminds him of what New York City is all about, for better or for worse. When the snow crashes with fumes of yellow cabs, shoes of 2nd Ave, and salty layers, it ruins the pristine view. It depresses its original form. It loses its character. Flawless becomes flawed.

j.a.c. finds the snow annoying. I too believe that it's better when it's pristine and clear of deficiencies. One flake at a time, but what each flake leaves behind evolves into a mass of mess and slush. Slippery slopes, dirty streets, and tainted suede, stiletto boots.

Lol. So random right? I had fun doing this though. I've never written a blog with another person. More importantly, I never considered sharing my web space with another writer. Zuri She Wrote is personal...not a place for collaboration. Yet, there's a first time for everything. Snaps for R.A.!

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