Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Perfect Black Handbag

My new thing is handbags. Well, it's not really new, but I'm pretty obsessed with them right now, especially since I bought 3 the other day. Yay! Hey now. No judging! They came at a good price and I haven't added a bag to the collection in a VERY LONG TIME. So, I felt like I owed it to myself. Even with all of that, I still, I do not own The Perfect Black Handbag (T.P.B.H.). I have a couple of black bags, but they're either too big (travel size big enough to tote my laptop) or too small (small enough to fit my ID, debit card, bberry and a tube of lipstick). I desperately need to find T.P.B.H. So here's what I could find so far.

Aren't they fabulous!! Unfortunately, I have to choose 1 and 1 only. Decisions decisions. I didn't label them so it might make this hard, but do you have a favorite? I can definitely use some help chicas! =)

And then it's off to ebay I go!

Oh! Wait! Has anyone heard of They have some handbags at good prices, but the prices look too good to be true. Hit me!


*B* Fab said...

DON'T use iOffer! They sell fake handbags!

2nd- if that is the Botkier Morgan bag, the small one then hell yes keep that one!

wait i just went though again and I saw the Botkier bag with my namesake! I love the Bianca bag simply because its got my name haha! but I love it dearly!

Also the Marc jacobs bag is baaaaad! It is a tough choice b/t the Botkier Morgan and that MJ Bag! I adore my MJ bag! It has the perfect amount of room and is so super fab!

Let me know which one(or two) you end up picking!

Purse shopping is oh, so fun!!!

just my dos cents :-)

Anonymous said...

fendi b bag for me hands down! :o)

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

The Botkier Bianca, the Gucci and the Marc Jacobs...

If I have to choose ONE?....the Gucci.

Kacey said...

MJ Trish

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