Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Need To Complain

1. These emails are driving me INSANE. I wish people would stop emailing me! My phone is blinking every 2 seconds! Blackberries are the kiss of freakin death. I've gotten in the habit of turning my phone off at night cuz I just can't take it anymore. If my phone vibrates one more time at some outrageous hour due to a text message or berry msgr, I'm going to go off.
2. I got recruited to lead something that I SO do not want to lead. I don't have time to put together an emerging leaders summit for the environment. Come on people! I participated as a favor to someone last year and now look where it got me. Sheesh!
3. Why hasn't anyone called me about a job yet? All those dag on applications I put in...
4. How long does it take to transfer my car's title to MD! I've been without a car for FAR TOO LONG. Freak!
5. NY state is requiring that I come to a mandatory 2 hour unemployment solutions meeting with my resume, or else they will cancel my unemployment. Umm.. Excuse me, but what are you (department of labor) going to tell me about resumes and interviews that I don't already know? What are you going to do? Hand me some photocopied piece of paper of your top ten suggestions to finding a job from 1985? Paaalease!
6. One of my exes who I haven't heard from in a while just texted me and managed to thoroughly piss me off. I can really care less if I ever speak to him again right now. Messing with the wrong woman today.

I'm just in a stinky mood today.
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