Monday, January 26, 2009

My Dad

My dad is having surgery on his back Thursday.
I'm so not okay with that.
I know that it has to be done.
But I've never seen my dad not be superman.
To see him down and out for 10 weeks is going to crush me.
But it has to be done.
I pray that all goes well.
I think the surgery is going to be worse for him than for us.
He's not going to understand not being able to do stuff.
I bet you my life that he's going to be up sooner than he's supposed to just because of his stubborness.
He's going to think he's fine to save the world, even though he isn't.
There are going to be some fights about that.
Just watch.
My parents are getting old.
I never thought this day would come.
Having young parents was a blessing because we've all been able to pretty much run around and rule the world without having to wonder if one of us can hang.
I'm nervous.
I almost don't want to see it.
But this is the time to be there.
They didn't say that I had to be there.
They would never tell me that I had to be there.
But I need to be there.
My mom, sister and I are going to have to become the little superwomen that we already know we are.
I'm interested to see how my family comes together for this.
Thank goodness I love them more than life.


T.C. said...

your family will come together...the dynamics will change for sure but it will definitely make you all know i can totally relate to this and so i can tell you that it will all work out

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Prayers for you, your Dad and your family.

MysTery said...

I will pray for you.

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