Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Drake Baby

This man gives me goosebumps. SO FIRE. Download So Far Gone mixtape NOW!

Listen to a couple tracks from old stuff of Drake's. Crazy beats.

Share - Drake

Pop Rose - Drake & Trey Songz

And lastly (I promise!), is JennWill's fav track off that So Far Gone mixtape I TOLD you to download. (did you do it yet?!) When Jenn told me this was her fav, I somehow already knew it. I promise you, my girl loves to hear a man apologize. LOL. I love you Jenn!

Sooner Than Later - Drake

And here he is with one of the sexiest R&B singers out here at the beginning of it all. This no where near touches where Drake is today. Drake and Trey. Check it.

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