Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life's a Beach

Considering what I just went through Monday and yesterday, Wednesdays aren't even my bad days anymore! I'm actually ready for today and relieved that it's finally here! My 5 day funk was no joke. I thought I would never get through it.

I need a beach. Like right now. It's funny because when I was going through whatever I was going through, what I needed the most was LA. I needed L.A.'s air, it blue sky, it's vastness, it's openess, it's weather... I can go on. I seriously missed having the ability to leave my apartment one minute and lay on an open beach in my bikini and sunglasses 15 minutes later. That's surely a luxury that I miss. So yes, I need a vacay. I'm going to NY on the 17th which I'm going to enjoy of course, but I need a warm weather vacay. I NEED a beach. Someone! Please give me a beach! Ugh! I just went through the last 5 days of YBF posts (being that I missed all of them during my 5 day funk) and sure enough Serena Williams is just chillin ON A BEACH! I mean, sure she just worked it out at the Sony Ericsson shibang, but dang! Don't flaunt it! *smacking my teeth* She's looking all comfortable and whatnot. NOT FAIR!

I guess I'll make the most of my time in NY. How could I not right? Anytime that I get to play, I should make the most of it. But yo... =) ... I still need a beach.

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