Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maxwell - "Pretty Wings"

It's about time! You know how long I've been listening to this song?!!!

I think I'm in love with Maxwell. and I know I love this video. The simplicity is refreshing. It's so easy and pure. Who thought to capture the moment when a woman just lays in the bed with her eyes closed? We all do it. Whether we're tired, feeling a bit sad, or just don't want to get up yet. Laying in the bed fully awake but not up is something I love to do. Kicking covers off...turning to the other side...moving my fingers slightly... tiny movements... The unhidden treasures of resting. I really appreciate this video. Nice job Maxwell.

1 comment:

T.C. said...

i agree with everything you stated the only thing i would add is i love the 50/60s retro vibe and diversity of it each woman is different and i appreciate showing all the difference in beauty...its a wonderful song...the music, the horns the beat...DOPE

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