Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

What's going on people?
I have a random question.
Who do you play on repeat in your iPod right now?
You already know who I'm playing.
Did you see all the references and blogs below?
I have a social networking event to attend tonight.
I don't think anyone's going to come though.
Today, there was this man on the train who just would not stop staring at me.
Can you say freaky?
He wasn't even trying to hide it.
He just stood there at the door with his body facing straight towards me.
You would think he would aim his frame to an angle and turn his head so as to not be so obvious.
You're wack dude.
I'm want to gain 5 pounds.
Or stay the same.
I don't know.
I killed some NY pizza over the weekend.
I was craving it like a feign.
My legs need some toning though.
I heard some disturbing news this morning.
Why it's so disturbing I'm not sure.
Disturbing shouldn't even be the word.
It's too harsh, but still yet...
Essence is reporting on the age old discussion - black men and white women.
I have to be honest.
I do have an issue with it.
Not to the point where I'ma do something about it.
But it always evokes some sort of tweek in my eyebrow.
I wish I could look at it like I look at someone who just said something stupid.
A blank face.
But I can't.
My eyebrow will always tweek.
Remember when Angela Bassett set her husband's stuff on fire in "Waiting to Exhale" when he left her for a white woman?
That scene was so real.
I can still see her fierce, agressive walk towards the camera as catastrophic flames illuminate her from behind.
I never fully indentified and understand the anger of a black woman until that scene.
I'm reading about how them crazy Isrealites kept complaining about what they didn't have after God parted the Red Sea and helped them to escape from Egypt.
It makes me think about how I used to complain about men.
But if God has your back and has already showed you how great He is, why would you be sitting there complaining like He doesn't exist and want what's best for you?
Oh ye of little faith.
My ex-fiance texted me.
"I love how u made me better."
I can't even front.
He got me with that one.
My heart was all warm and whatnot.
I'm supposed to be having sister brunch with the 3 on saturday.
Gotta check with them and see if it's still on.
It's supposed to be 83 degrees on Sat.
How heavenly.
I'm saving up for a Mac.
Does anyone know anyone who gets Mac discounts?
$1599 is a lot for a laptop.
Apple rapes all of us; for all of their products.
My sis is designing my business cards for me.
I'm excited about them.
Someone asked me for a card during my shoot over the weekend, and I felt so lame not having one.
I've been thinking a lot about this job and what I'm going to do when my contract is up.
That's a whole 'nother blog though.
I feel like I'll be deciding on the rest of my life.
I know it need not be that dramatic, so I'm trying to tame it down a little.
Lisa Leslie got married.
I'm ready to switch my winter wardrobe out but the weather keeps tricking me.
I need absolute warmth to wear my spring line of clothing.
I get cold too easily and therefore still wear heavy stuff.
Does MTA keep the air conditioning on year round?!
Goodness gracious.
It is not that hot outside yet!
Turn it off!
But I'm excited for spring.
I love spring clothes.
I'm getting my convention clothes together too.
In all of my years going to the convention, I've never wore anything new.
This year will be different.
What I wear may not be stark new but at least it'll be this season's attire.
I'm tired of wearing the same skirt I've had since 2003.
Yes, 2003.
My mom used to laugh at me while asking "is that the same skirt your Nana bought for you in college?!"
Yes Mom!
Now either stop laughing at me or give me some money!
I just stopped being broke about a year and a half ago.
So why didn't I wear something new last year?
Maybe I did.
I could remember if I knew which city I attended the convention in.
I had a Bible study last night and the sisters said that it must be nice to live in a house with parents who share your faith.
Never thought about it, but yeah, it is nice to all worship together.
Makes for a peaceful environment.
My family is great.
I'm reading some poll results.
"Have you ever lived with a boyfriend?
Here's what you ladies said:
Yes, and I'll never do it again. 34%"

Here's the rest.
"Yes. It worked out great. 19%
No, and I wouldn't consider it. 27%
No, but it's a possibility. 18%
Cohabiting has not worked out for most of us and we're glad to say we've learned from our experiences!
Tell us: Some people believe that moving in before marriage will tell you a lot about the person. Should it be obligatory for an engaged couple? When is it too soon, if ever, to move in with someone you're in a relationship with? When a couple realizes living together may be harmful to their relationship, does it mean they are not compatible and they're future together is doomed? It's time for Girl Talk!"

Man oh man.
What a topic.
I'll leave that alone.
What is twitter?
You want to be considered young and in the know but when people keep putting out stuff that makes you say 'why?', you're forced into acting old. =)
I'm looking for a really good fiction book.
A deep one.
Not a self help book or a chick novel.
A literary masterpiece.
I never did read "The Kite Runner".
Right now I'm reading "Reclaiming Paris".
It's pretty good.
It's about a woman born in Havana Cuba who moves to Miami and struggles to get to know her roots and find her future.
It's interesting because a lot of it deals with her relationships with men.
What woman who is trying to find herself doesn't directly tie the search to finding her way with men?
But anyway, with every man she dates, she wears a different perfume.
So perfumes are tied to old memories.
I think that's quite smart.
Smells are indentifying marks are they not?
Why not associate a perfume with a man?
It's called "Reclaiming Paris" because Havana is the Paris of Cuba.
The language in the book is simply exquisite.
I want to steal some of Fabiola Santiago's phrases and terms.
I probably already have.
A live version of The Isley's "Summer Breeze" just came on Pandora.
Goodness gracious this song is sexy.
But yeah, I want a good book.
A romantic book.
Not necessarily a book about romance between a woman and a man though.
One that makes you fall in love with language or a place or a moment.
I want to read something that says 'and the exuberance from the wind swept her hair into a swoop that only formed once a year.'
You know what I mean?
Speak to me!
Speak to my soul man!
That sentence I made up seems like the beginnings of something.
I should continue that thought somewhere.
I think I may write my article for Infinite Investor today.
As a matter of fact, let me do that now while I have inspiration running through my blood and am bored at work.
Have a good day people.


T.C. said...

But if God has your back and has already showed you how great He is, why would you be sitting there complaining like He doesn't exist and want what's best for you?that right there best line ever!

songs always remind me of old "loves"

i am glad that you got that text...it does matter and make your heart smile to have had that impact on someone...

and ER is friday too...don't forget

oh and no i won't be there tonight...

Deja~I~Am said...

Twitter is the business. I told you to follow me.

But maybe it's just me... said...

I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end! :)

-I have Chrisette Michele on repeat

-I have less of an issue with it now than I used to. Trying to get better.

-If you have any friends that are teachers, they get Apple discounts (especially Fairfax Co. teachers!). They have a great software discount too - Photoshop and Microsoft Office for Mac. I'm planning on getting one next month!

-Have you read "Midnight" by Sister Souljah? Great fiction book in my opinion.

-One of the most beautifully worded books I've read is T.P. Carter's Behind Those Eyes. It is definitely a love story, but wonderful nonetheless. Strong words that at times made me laugh hysterically and shed tears as if I knew the characters. I might go back and read it again now...

My random thought for you - check out www.comeaya.com

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