Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm in love with Aveeno. From the bath and shower gel to the lotion and back. Even though I've been using it for years, I just realized that I am positively in love with the stuff. From today on out, I promise to never stray from my Aveeno products. I got a huge tub of Intense Relief Repair Cream from one of the beauty give-a-ways when I used to work for Essence, that is to die for. I mean, I never have to lotion up more than once. And even on a day that I become haphazardly lazy and fail to roll out my beauty regiments, my skin still feels silky. I love it! I've finally found a product that kisses my skin. Yoo hooo!

Oh! I heard that Ambi was pretty great too. I may take a dabble of someone else's tube of lotion if I ever come across it. Oh and Neutrogena Makeup Removal Cleansing Clothes are the truth. But yeah, Aveeno for life baby!


T.C. said...

i agree they are the BEST products...especially for those who have sensitive skin like me...Ambi has GREAT face wash and other face products...its the one thing that has gotten my skin straight

miss alisa said...

YES!!! Every single skin care product I use is Aveeno. All the face washes, the night cream, the serum, the lotion and body wash and everything. It's incredible. OMG.

MysTery said...

I think I have tried this before. I am kinda stuck on Origins right now even though my budget is not!! LOL!

I may have to try this again. Thanks girlie!

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