Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

I feel good today.
I'm finally "going back to Cali" in September for my girl's wedding.
She got engaged this month.
I love quick engagements.
That's what's up when you know what you know.
I forgot that this weekend was a holiday weekend so that was a nice surprise gift for me.
I neeeeeed a day off and a short work week already.
I want to take advantage of Monday too.
Do something I don't normally do.
It could be a spa day or something.
Maybe take a drive down to the beach Betsy was talking about.
The sister I study with asked me if seeing my sis and her bf together affects me at all.
In an emotional envious type of way.
I understood where the question was coming from, but I had to laugh.
Those two don't affect me like that.
They're never affectionate around me, and even if they were, I'd be grossed out.
They don't evoke those 'awwww' sentiments.
And I never see them.
Chillin with the fam is not something they do.
I'm so excited about the American Idol finale!
Kris Allen all the way baby!
JennWill and I are still going down to New Olreans whether we have Essence Music Festival txts or not.
Spontaneity at its best.
How could we NOT have a good time?
I read an article on Jennifer Hudson on the train this morning.
She bores me to death.
There is nothing likable about her.
Her and Chrisette Michele.
I love my Madewell white jeans!
Might need another pair.
Perhaps this time from J.Crew though.
I should get some classic ones.
I need summer work pants too.
I'm hungry.
There needs to be free bagels on Tuesdays too, not just Mondays.
You know what else they give us free here?!
I totally forgot how valuable this is!
Gentleman, ignore the next couple of lines.
They give us feminine products!
The bathroom is stocked full of them.
Now you know that's super exciting!
I have a couple of things to hit and quick at work today.
I'm going to be super focused and get them done so I can reward myself this afternoon.
Did I tell you that I've been feeling needy recently.
Man, I can't wait until this goes away.
PmS, what can ya do?
I need some new music, bad.
I'm tired of Drake, Jesse, Little Brother, Keri and Kid Cudi.
Is anyone hitting the airwaves anytime soon?
Maybe I should stop by Target and pick up that 3-CD Prince set.
That should keep me entertained for a while.
Gosh I'm hungry.
Let's see what's in the vending machine this morning.
Tee hee hee.


Deja~I~Am said...

THE VENDING MACHINE! B7, G5 and oh C6. LOL. Inside joke.

MJ said...

Ha! :-)

Reecie said...

I thought I was the only one bored by Chrisette Michele and JHud. Powerhouse voices does not equal powerhouse personalities.

Oh yeah and there is tons of stuff to get into without Essence Tix but those aren't hard to come by at all so why not go to the concerts as well?

MysTery said...

Lol! Hey lady! I forgot about the 3 day weekend too! And thank you God for it! Have a wonderful weekend!

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