Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To The Point Rant

Adam on Idol is getting on my dag on nerves. There's something about him that is beginning to irritate the mess out of me. He had me for a little while, but his magic spell that he tries to put on people is fading. He's not genuine. The next American Idol should be Kris Allen. If they should award anyone for their truthfulness to the art form of singing, it should be him. It would make the biggest artistic statment if he won.

I hate my hair. Everytime I look at it I want to puke. I feel like a mom with all of this fullness and bounce. I need edgy. I wish I could pull a Cassie and do something really daring. JennWill just shipped me some of that Cali quality hair but I don't know what I'ma do with that yet. I just know that I hate my hair.

I am on an odyssey. I'm starting another journey with the bare minimum, trying to prepare myself for something big. I don't know what it is yet, but I definitely feel like I'm re-building and coming from nothing. It's as if I'm working on fattening up the skeleton of my life. Strange.

Got offered a full-time position today with benefits. My manager assume I would accept right away. I told her that I needed to see the offer. I was taught to negotiate.

If I had to pick fashion and beauty gurus (my sis asked me who mine were), they would be Rihanna and Keri. Rihanna can do no wrong in my opinion in the fashion department. Keri's hair and makeup are ALWAYS on point. Look at this chick on her debut red carpet appearance. Chick is bad. Shoulder pads and all.

The meeting was really good tonight. I had to tell Brother Jones how fantastic he was.

I'm traveling. That's what I'm going to do. Senegal, Paris and El Salvador. I will be making a travel club account tomorrow. I'm in dire need of a vacation right now. A beach in particular... and I'm tired of Miami. It's time to think big.

Making a list of things to pray for will be good. I often times stick to the same stuff forgetting that I needed to pray for this and that. A things-to-pray-for list is ideal.

V is coming home this weekend. Haven't seen her in a while. I'll probably hit the streets hard with N and V Saturday or Sunday. A girlfriend night is in need.

The older I get the more non-traditional I get. I used to be the little girl who dreamed of a wedding and the most beautiful gown. Funny how I don't even want one anymore and would rather get married in a suit or a shin length dress. However you cut it, I am definitely not a traditional type of girl. THIS is the kind of wedding ring I want. Unique.


lohking said...

Bleach 218 sub is out at Bleach Shippuuden

Eb the Celeb said...

I couldn't hang with that Rihanna Get up... her make-up was flawless... but that outfit... iCant!

T.C. said...

that ring is FIRE...totally you...i actually LOVE black diamonds myself...sometimes Ri ri gets it RIGHT other times...ummm not so much...LOL...that one i sent you "fits" her to me...LOL
totally excited that you are negotiating that's what its all about...never take the first offer why should you!

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