Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol Talk

Kris Allen is THE MAN!

Did you see him perform Kanye's "Heartless"? How bold was he to do that?! When he announced he was singing that song, I was very confused, but I can happily say that there was no need to have no fear because Kris Allen was there! He was all up IN that song. I must say that it was a great rendition. Smart song choice Kris! Because if Kanye hears that, and doesn't allow his ego to overshadow the fact that it was a great interpretation of the song, Kris might even get 'Ye's backing. =O And you know once Kris is accepted into the hip hop click, it's over. How exciting would that be for Kris!?

I really hope Kris wins. The other two are great singers, but Kris has that X factor. Danny has a wonderful Teddy Pendergrass, David Ruffin sound to his voice, but his stage presence is lackluster. That man can't hold my attention visually no better than a cow in a farm eating grass. Adam... I don't know about him. I'm just tired of him screaming at me all the time. And all of this acting... oh gosh! Paaaalease! He's just not likable to me. And it doesn't help that he's playing modest. Always mouthing 'thank you' and nodding at the judges. *rolling my eyes* Give it up Adam. You know you want to tell everyone you're the best. I bet he wishes he could get the "humble" epithet that the judges and Ryan give Kris. Yeah well Adam, you must not be that great of an actor after all.

Like I said earlier, Kris has it all. He's not as vocally powerful as Danny and he doesn't have as many octaves as Adam, but Kris' package is complete. Not only is he good looking and has a fantastic voice, but he has stage presence AND can play musical instruments! I feel like people are overlooking that fact. The piano and the acoustic guitar people. Come on. I know this is a singing competition, but seriously. When has Idol ever really been just about singing? All the talk about becoming marketable, having confidence, being original, finding your personality, etc., it can't be all about the voice.

Kris is a pure artist and he's likable. He's not conjured up like Adam, and he's not missing something like Danny.

Kris needs to be the next American Idol.

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