Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A New Plan

Ok. I'm going to get it together starting tomorrow. I talked to JennWill and she made me do it. Here's the plan. First I need to get my act together and stop looking like a boy. So a nice outfit, a bubble bath, painted fingernails and a washed head of hair should do the trick. Next, I need to start taking strides to find friends. I need more JennWill's in my life and I realize that I'm not going to find them by sitting on my butt. I have to go out and mingle. Girlfriends are so important. It's not that I haven't enjoyed spending every waking minute with my fiance, but I'm beginning to feel like I have no outside connections to the world. I need some estrogen in my life. After that, I'm going to find a life. I keep saying this but I need to have my separate j.a.c. things. My photography, my dance, my this, my that. I've talking about seeking a certificate in something artsy and creative for the longest time. Perhaps I should follow through at some point. It's hard to maintain yourself when you're so deep in love. Remembering that you are a separate human being with separate needs, likes and desires is a challenge. There's a balance out there that I have not yet found, but I must. I have to take control of my life. My fiance and I can't stare at each other forever.

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T.C. said...

I definitely agree keep your girls and find time and things for you so he can have his me time and time with the boys...its good to do those separate things and keeps the relationship fresh (another lesson i just learned)

I look forward to hopefully reconnecting with you and hopefully on a deeper level than before!

I am getting my eyebrows and hair done today in hopes that it will help me feel better as well!


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