Wednesday, December 09, 2009

When Are We Going To Play?

I'm getting married, but nothing's happening. It's so quiet and the air seems thin. Where are all the fun bridal activities that the bride-to-be gets to partake in. I've never really been one for the spotlight, but this time I kinda want to go for it. Whenever I've been singled out for something, I try to minimize it and do my best to make others feel like it's a big moment for them as well. I did that for my baptism. At least the best I could. Even though people came from afar and everyone was there for me, I turned it into a MJ and I can finally date thing. At least in my own head. Our two families came together for the first time that day as well. I was more nervous about meeting his mom than I was about my baptism. So as I was saying, it was about more than just me. There's a part of me that doesn't want to do that this time. Even though it's my husband-to-be's special day too, I kinda want it to feel like j.a.c.'s day. Actually, I want the stuff leading up to the wedding day to be all about j.a.c. The pampering, the girl's day/night out, the bridal shower, etc. That's the stuff I want a spotlight for. The wedding day though...I hope they look at him more than they look at me. lol. But I'm ready. I'm ready for the pre-wedding activities! Where are they? We have less than four months until the wedding and all I hear are crickets. Should I be doing something? Maybe I should plan my own single ladies get-together. Our local needs was about taking initiative in hospitality. The elder said that if we want more gatherings, initiate them! I thought that was kind of funny. Anyway, when will I begin to feel like a princess for a day? Is this pre-wedding period all about hard work and no play? I promise that if and when the playing happens, I won't try to downplay it. ;-)


T.C. said...

its ok to want to have the spotlight on you and to want to see him and he see you like never before...

your girls are here for you and whatever you want we'll do...just let us know!


MysTery said...

DO YOU GIRL and have your day(s)! Lol! But yes, they will be looking at you more than him on the wedding day because you are the star! ;)

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