Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

There once was a girl
Who wasn't feeling quite right
Her attitude was poor
And the world was less than bright
But then she went to happy hour
And had a ciroq and OJ
That one drink hit her hard
And everything in the world was OK

Yeah that's how I feel right now
All you need is a happy hour
And then everything is right again
Sure the fix might be temporary
But I actually talked through this one
Got to some deep rooted issues
So I actually killed two birds with one stone
Nice going j.a.c.!
I'm sitting in the bed
In my purple chemise
Listening to a preview of Ollusion
Omarion's new album for those who are unaware
I've always been a fan of this boy
Any man who can dance and hold a tune like him
Is surely alright with me
Until he does something stank
Like A. Keyes
I thought she was alright with me
But she is involved with a married man
Dang girl!
Couldn't he at least get divorced first?
Separation doesn't mean squat!
If you want to minimize the ghetto-ness
Wait until he's divorced!
With her reach for the sky, help a child self
My parents are in their room listening to new kingdom melodies
Trying to figure out what I'm walking down the aisle to
How come I can't drop it low down the aisle?
Do a little twerk and a pop?
That would be fun
I'm going to loosen up more
Like I am tonight
Inject some life into my world
Get a couple of needles and pump myself up
I'm feenin for some life
Shaking like an addict missing a fix
My hair needs to be done again
I should do it tomorrow
That way I can be ready, set to go
Just in case
The new year is coming in
I want to start it off fresh
I need to shop
But I'm holding off because of this wedding
But I really need to shop so I can do it up
Do you know I don't own a pair of classic black boots?
How can I not have a practical pair of boots?!
And most of my jeans are too short for heels
What a disgrace
Anyway, let's move on
My fiance doesn't like it when I talk about shopping
He doesn't say it, but I know it
He wants me to keep my eye on the more important things
Yeah, I know
But I really do need some things
It's hard being a female!
Speaking of the fiance, he's at the gym right now
Trying to beef up
Get some muscles back on that body of his
His muscles back in the day scared me
It was too too much
Now he's as skinny as a toothpick
It's marvelous how he can go back and forth without problems!
I'm as skinny as a toothpick too
Apparently I've lost weight, so I'm trying to re-gain
Just in time for my wedding
It's sleepy time
I can feel it in my bones

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