Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why 42% of Black Women are single- ABC Nightline

  • Don't these women live in ATL? They should know better. If they want to get married so bad, they need to move. Perhaps they should try increasing their chances of meeting a STRAIGHT, black man.
  • No date in 10 years!? Come on sis. Something has got to be wrong with YOU.
  • Why does this seem like a black woman's problem? So Latinas, whites, and Asians don't have an issue?
  • I don't think I ever want to see a topic like this introduced by a caucasian female. Something about it doesn't feel right. "And now, here are the sad, pitiable, black women who can't find husbands."
  • Seriously though, the whole story is not being told. Do these women have nasty attitudes? Do they have serious character flaws? No woman as beautiful as those 4 are, can get away with being manless for 10 years if everything is on the up and up. I'm just sayin...


MJ said...

I agree!!

Ms. Confessions said...

Late on this post, but I agree 100%

Happy New Year!!

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