Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Give Me Free"

I have got to get out of here. I swear another 10,000 people moved into the city yesterday. I could not walk on the sidewalk for the life of me today. All I wanted was to get to Staples in one piece. But I should have known better than to try to walk 7 blocks during lunch hour. I wanted to hit a couple of people in their heads with my bag. I promise you that I was about 5 seconds from doing so. And to the next person that I walk behind who lights up and blows a huge wad of cigarette smoke in my face, I am going to put my stilletto heel right in the middle of their back. And what? It was just pure insanity out there today. There were police all over the place, ambulances trying to squeeze by huge 18 wheelers, and a stadium load of dark suits coming out of a conference at Radio City all at once... sigh... Please get me out of here.

I told my manager that I'm not coming in tomorrow. I have exceeded my limit and I need a break. I HAVE to get out of the city or I will scream. Wednesday is mental health day for j.a.c. I think I might go where there are lawns, trees, houses and fresh air. Give me the Metro North, NJ Transit or LIRR. Just get me out so I can breathe again.


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... I hate that smoke mess too... just like there is a bike lane there should be a smoking lane... they always blow it right in my face... I always cough neurotically just to annoy them

MysTery said...

Have a great Wednesday!!

T.C. said...

Wow!!!! I know that's right get out of there...when you feel like you are exploding you need to take a step back for YOU nothing wrong with that at all!

i hope you enjoy your mental health day because you truly do deserve it!

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