Friday, July 14, 2006

Moses Jackson

oh my... oh my... oh my! i have goosebumps running ALL up and down my body. there are no more words to express how I feel because I am sincerely overwhelmed with that passion that you feel when you become lost in the notes, melodies, beats, chimes, cadences, rumbles... of music. you know what i'm talking about. when you step into that music box, when you step inside the pounding speaker and see the notes flying by you. you feel everything but feel lost at the same time...i'm so inside of the energy and the colors of this song... oh my sweet "Bebel". and "Math Rough Copy" too! shoo! both of these baby's are EVERYTHING. turn it up, TURN IT UP!

if i made music, this is what i'd make.

excuse me Mr. Moses Jackson. who are you?! can i step into your world?


T.C. said...

Since you were so excited I just HAD to go and check this brother out...FIRE!!!! Truly sick with the truly enjoyed that one!!!!

Anonymous said...

man, he is dope.

thanks for turing me on to moses jackson.


Anonymous said...

Def fly. How'd you hear about him?

j.a.c. said...

I came across him when I went to my boy's Soul Aquatics page. Check them out on my links section.

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