Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

AHHH!!!! I love this show!! I am a dance fiend and every time I watch the show I get more and more ill. My heart is beating so fast right now. Phew!

Ok. I'm going to record my reactions after each dance. (Warning: You might not find the rest of this blog necessary. I'm entering the dance realm which may cause me to lose some people. Ah well!)

Donyelle's solo. It was ok. There was no choreography to it. I needed to see something planned. It was very improvised and basically a bump and grind dance. Her energy was incredible though.

Martha and Ivan did their duo. Eh. No comment.

Ok. Now Heidi and Ryan. So sick! That mardador routinue was so intense. I love the paso doble when it's done right and these two definitely did it right. Ryan actually became the bull and Heidi personified his cape better than I've ever seen a dancer become a cape. Absolutely wonderful.

Mia Michaels is one of the most respected choreographers there is in the dance world. I've been choreographed before by her and it's very challenging to understand the things that come out of her mind. Mia makes you WORK
and that was clear in the routinue that Allison and Ryan did. They had a lot to tackle but I think they did well.

Martha's solo. What in the world!!?? Absolutely horrible. .

Now I like Ivan. His solo was cool, but it's not the best I've seen from him.

Donyelle and D are doing the lindy hop. Let's see. Ok. Ok. They done good yall. Donyelle did a really good job. She got that lindy hop down. What I like about her is that she can do everything that's thrown at her. She always looks like she's studied whatever particular dance they've given her for years. That's truly what being a good dancer is all about. Not mastering, but being good at ALL styles. Of course you have to master your special skill though. Unfortunately I didn't think she did that in her solo. She's good at all, but not GREAT in one.

Natalie and Benji - jazz dancing. Oh my goodness!!!!! Benji Benji Benji!!!!!!!!!! His extension! I didn't know the boy had an extension like that!! He was great!

Heidi's solo was well... She's a very talented ballroom dancer but she's sometimes a bit too wild. She's like a firecracker that needs to be tamed. The judge said something good. It was a smart solo and I agree. She used her space which is always a huge challenge for a dancer.

Smooth Waltz for Ivan and Martha. It was definitely forgettable. Moving on.

Travis's solo. Now this boy is a turner. His pull up and sense of center are amazing. And when he dances, you can see that he loves it. Good job Travis.

Allison and Ryan's second routine in the wonderful style of BROADWAY. Good ole' Liza Minelli with Bye Bye Blackbird. It wasn't a good interpretation of Fosse. Bob Fosee is a very specialized technique and while it looks easy, it's VERY VERY hard. I remember our dance All That Jazz and while there was no technique in it, pin-pointing that style was extremely frustrating. Again, I don't think they hit it.

Natalie's solo. It was very pretty. So lyrical and passionate. So pretty. So Natalie. Thank you for dancing from your heart.

Good Job Benji!!! He's really opening my eyes! That boy's pretty good!!!! To be a swing dancer and be able to execute a solo like that! Boy!

Second duo for Donyelle and D. Samba. Whoa! That last pose. That was the bizness. It made me scream! Ok. They messed up the footwork in a couple of places but Donyelle covers it up well. She dances with her expressions so you can't get past her face in order to watch her footwork or count the number of turns that she's actually supposed to do.

Heidi and Ryan's second. Contemporary it is with Mia Michaels again. Can't wait to see it. Heidi's crying in the video intro. Mia will make you do that. She's so HARD! ......... I can't breathe. Why am I crying? That was the most beautiful think I have ever seen.
I die for moments when the fingertips of dance brush my heart.

Allison disappointed me. She's so incredible that I expected 100 times more. I'm your biggest fan Allison. Please don't let me down.

Benji and Natalie doing hip hop. I don’t know about that. We’ll see…Just as I expected. It’s really hard for two very not raw dancers to get raw. It was all steps. lol. The judges keep saying it wasn’t ghetto enough. I’m not sure if I like that. Hip hop does not equal ghetto. It’s a culture that obviously they just don’t get.

If this boy Ryan don’t put a lid on all this technique… man. He’s great at what he does but he needs more. It’s all technique and no style. Arabesque here. Battement there. Developpe over there. Too much showing off Ryan.

Ok. So that’s it. All in all, I’m not voting for anyone tonight. No one individual dancer blew me away so… That’s it folks.



Kep said...

Lol You really are passionate about this stuff! I understand of course. Jendi:Dance::Kepa:Music. Seeing as how I've never seen this show before, I was completely lost in this post, but it made me realize something. Dance is as diverse and profound as music is. I guess that's the thing about art. ALl these different histories, styles, meanings, etc. It's a wide world of stuff to explore! (Reading Rainbow moment.)

I was practically in love with this girl who was a dancer freshman year and she was in a recital. (Don't think I would've gone for anyone but her.) It was cool to look at, but what really made it interesting was this random girl who was sitting beside me explaining the meaning of each scene in the program. Deep stuff. Nice to get a look into your passion from your eyes.


kara said...

now you know i love this show too...i cried during heidi and ryan's performance too...this show really makes me want to step up my game....can't wait until wednesday's show...can't wait!

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