Sunday, July 30, 2006

Random Thoughts All Day Long!

Ok. Bad Boy 2 is on! I LOVE this movie!!!! No other movie has ever made me laugh as much as this one. Martin and Will are hilarious together. Especially Martin. They Have to do a Bad Boy 3.
Yo. My desk is dirty. I definitely need to do a little mr. clean cleanie clean up in this place.
I'm so full. Chipotle is the best!
Flats, stiletto heels, or wedges? I have entirely TOO many pairs of stilettos. I'm so addicted! If I haven't had a new pair of stilettos at least once a month, I go through withdrawls. Come on now J. Get yourself under control.
"I want my MPG!" That commercial always gets stuck in my head. It's so true though. Somebody needs to CHECK these gasoline prices. Someone done lost their ever-loving mind!
Oooh Will! You better get out of there!! LOL. Martin is so stupid! "Just another day with Mike Lowry."
My rent just increased $50. I swear this world is trying to wring out every cent of a cent that I own. What is going on?
Oooooo Will is so fine in this movie! Did you see when he walked out and pulled his jacket lined with the pink material up over his shoulders!?! Oh sookie sookie now. I don't know about the pink lining, but still that man is dangerous!!!!
Excuse me for a sec. I need to get my jello.
mmmm. so fruity. =)
It's funny how put together i am during the week and then how
I like Jay-Z in this new HP notebook commercial. That man is so fly. He's just as cool as he wanna be. Diddy or Hov? Who's the most fly?
Miami seems to keep popping up all over the place. This movie takes place in Miami. Diddy's love him some Miami. Did you know Diddy is the executive producer of this movie too? I can't wait to go see what all the hoopla is about. Miami December '06 baby!
That's so nasty. Cadavers being thrown all out the back of the van like that. Ill man... Can you imagine having a cadaver in a plastic bag roll under your tires and or one fall on your windsheild? I think I'd just about lose my mind. They say don't panic right. Yeah well...Shoo...I might manage to pull over and not kill myself, but do you know how messed up I would be?
"This has to be the most worst, most emotional cop week of my life." Lol. Oh Martin.
Is my A/C on? Man!
You know what I wish I had right now? Some funnel cake! I haven't had funnel cake since forever! I wonder if IHop's funnel cakes taste like the amusement park's funnel cakes.
You remember Great Adventure?! I remember when we used to go there to see Raw Image, RE and other go-go bands perform. Aww. Memories. Now I have the sudden urge to hear "Water Dance". Aww DC!
Oh this part is funny! It's at the part when Reggie comes to pick up Martin's daughter. This joint is Hilarious!!! "You ever made love to a man?" So stupid!!!
Upp! My phone's ringing. Gotta go!

Yeah, this blog was pointless. But if you didn't like it, you shouldn't have read it!!! Ha!


T.C. said...

Most of life can be pointless...sometimes anyways...its cool to just see your random makes me feel as though my thoughts are so pointless....

I think that Jay is flyer than Diddy for the simple fact that...he is just who he is and he has evolved....(why did I need to say that...who knows I have been in love with Jay forever...LOL)

why did I response is pretty pointless....oh, I guess to say...I feel you....

T.C. said...

I meant to say "it makes me feel as though my thoughts are NOT so pointless..." like its OK to have pointless random thoughts that I have TOO often

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