Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Wonders of A Woman

I just finished reading an excerpt from Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate which completely inspired me. The excerpt is about a young woman's unrequited love during the Mexican Revolution. The scene shows a young woman who is overheated from grinding rose petals for a recipe, and is looking forward to a shower to cool herself off. Well, she doesn't actually get her shower and the scent of roses from her body traveled into town and finds itself taunting a soldier who leaves his battle to follow the scent and find her. Esquivel puts it best when she says, "A pink cloud floated toward him, wrapped itself around him, and made him set out at a gallop toward Mama Elena's ranch...A higher power was controlling his actions. He was moved by a powerful urge to arrive as quickly as possible at a meeting with someone unknown in some undetermined place." When he meets her, Esquivel describes it by saying, "The delicacy of her face, the perfection of her pure virginal body contrasted with the passion, the lust, that leapt from her eyes, from her every pore." Kinda hot huh?

Well I have to submit my response to the discussion board for class and this is what I said:

I am and have always been supremely fascinated and almost obsessed with the dichotomy between the pure and the vixen, the angel and the devil, the fire and the coolness, and the passionate and the subdued nature of a woman. It's something that I recognize in certain woman and have always wanted to master myself. Being somewhat slower than the other kids in terms of sexuality and being aware of what I probably shouldn't have been aware of anyway at a young age, I was able to watch and admire other women with somewhat of an innocent eye, a pure eye, and realize that they had something that I did not. What Esquivel is describing here is what I used to watch in other mature women, and die to have. She's talking about a woman's power, her abilities to capture a man without knowing that she's doing so. To be less deliberate but still have a strong presence. It's extremely mature and sexy. Powerful even...

This makes me think about the wonders and the powers of a woman. It's something that is hard to explain and is very untouchable. You can't really put a lid on it or tell another woman to replicate it if she doesn't have it. It's very natural, soft but raw at the same time. A woman can't know that she has it either because if she does know, then she's doing too much. Does that make sense? But the ability to be yourself and to pull someone into you like that is amazing. This could go the other way around too because there are men who have that power as well. Isn't that where our crushes come from? When you don't necessarily know someone but you can't resist him... It's almost eery, isn't it? Man...the powers of attraction!

I don't know what I'm talking about though. Excuse my little side notes like this. LOL.

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Kep said...

Interesting. . . I think there's a bit of what you're talking about in every dancer. The poise that you carry yourself with can have that effect, and the actual dances can definitely have that effect. Think you may have more of that whatever than you think. :-)

Now what do I do to get that whatever? Do I even want it?


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