Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today's Message

I just had a rather encouraging and informative lesson today. For most people who know anything about God, it would be common knowledge to know that Jehovah knows and sees all, including what will happen in the future. When I first encountered that concept as a little child, I marinated on the idea, pondered a little bit, but came up with a LOT of questions. I remember asking, "If God can see what will happen in the future, why does he let bad things happen to people? If he knows that a person who drinks and drives will cause a major fatal accident, why didn't he help to avoid the situation." I can't really remember if my questions were answered, but today's lesson definitely cleared any misconceptions that I might have had as a little girl.

Jehovah God is a loving God. His four cardinal qualities (love, wisdom, justice and power) tells us that although He has unlimted power, He never acts unjustly. Because He loves us, He provides us with everything that we need to make decisions for ourselves. Take Adam for example. In the Garden of Eden, God endowed Adam with the ability to think, to reason on a matter, and to reach a conclusion. What Adam chose to do with his endowments was up to him. The same goes for us today. Jehovah gives us the ability to make choices and understand the consequences that our actions might have. We know that God would not look into our futures and see that our drinking and driving will cause a death, and wait for it to happen. Jehovah is not a cruel God. In fact, He only gives us the good things in life. (Matthew 7:11) Jehovah's exercise of foreknowledge is selective as He gives US the ability to determine our own paths. For real, Jehovah could rule our lives and not give us any choice as to how we want to live, BUT He doesn't do that because He loves us. Jehovah gives us a command to seek His kingdom and all His righteousness so that all things will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). If we seek the things of Jehovah, He promises that we'll have the things that we need including wisdom, discernment and knowledge.

It's so wonderful that God gives us the privilige of learning about Him through His provisions. The Bible and those brothers and sisters with Bible-trained consciences are a direct gift from God. Thank You Jehovah!


T.C. said...

It was a wonderful lesson in deed...its like you can apply this to a couple of when a parent can forsee certain things due to experience...YET they give their children the ability to make decisions for themselves.
It was again in deed a wonderful lesson, it answered a lot of my questions as well...

It truly like the fact that we can be on two totally different coasts and learn the same lesson..

j.a.c. said...

Yes, learning the same lesson on two different coasts is nice. It's even more amazing that people all over the world from Zimbabwe to Russia to Australia learned the same lesson today as well. It's truly a religion united, and that is one of the many reasons I was attracted to the faith.

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