Thursday, November 20, 2008

26. Gross!

Okay. Umm.... I'ma need the aging process to slow down now.
Now that I've had my 25 years, I'm cool on growing old.
25 was a nice age.
A tenderoni age.
Young and sweet.
At 25, I was younger than everyone else.
Kept my position as the baby.
It doesn't matter that the people around me are aging too!
That's not the point!
Whenever I said, "I'm 25", I got "oh you're still a baby!"
But 26?
What kind of age is that?
There's nothing cute about 26.
It's so blah.
What 26 means is that I'll be 30 in no time.
It means I have no right to do certain things anymore.
Like do stupid stuff and go to the club every night.
It doesn't matter that I do don't that stuff anyway!
That's not the point!
I'm not allowed to do it anymore.
And I don't like my privileges taken away.
Turning 26 reminds me of "the plan".
You know, "the plan" that didn't happen.
Be married with 1 kid "plan".
Yeah yeah yeah.
The only "plan" is God's plan.
I've accepted it.
But that's not the point!
It doesn't mean I don't remember!

Is is okay to not be happy about turning 26 tomorrow?
Of course, I appreciate the wisdom that comes with a new year.
The new experiences.
The gift of a new day.
But I really don't like that number.
And then 27.
I think I'm going to have a convulsion.

At some point, I'll do the whole reflection thing.
Think back on the amazing year I had as a 25 year old woman.
Thank God for everything I've made it through.
Look forward to where I want to be.
Blah blah blah.
But for now, I have to get over turning 26.
Hold me!


T.C. said...

CLASSIC! but i can honestly say i felt a similar way its like "ugg 4 more years to 30...what's this REALLY all about..."

it'll be okay though i know you know that but i just wanted to say it...:-)

Reecie said...

26 really blah age, but it's also a wakeup call age. I've been 26 for a lil over a month now and every day I feel the urgency of needing to plant myself in the right place and start making those big moves. This is the age where you really start to feel like your margin of error is pretty small...where you really start to realize that the stakes are high and you gotta be smarter and wiser about your choices.'s not all that bad. 26 is still fabulous. Happy Early Bday chica!

But maybe it's just me... said...

Happy Birthday! I've been there. As someone who will be turning 31 (gasp!) next week...know that, aside from the responsibilities that come with growing older and wiser, there is this growing sense of becoming more and more okay with who you have become and who you are becoming. You're living life on purpose...that's the good stuff. Enjoy and celebrate your birthday! After all, 26's not such a bad number. :)

G. said...

26 is creepin up on me too boo..and I notified it that its name will permanetly change to there..!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated. Lol


MysTery said...

Ignoring your


Southern_Lady said...

Happy belated! 26 was an okay age for me. I'll be 28 in April and it's like....28???? ALREADY????
Nevertheless, I am grateful for my years and experiences.

Daneger said...

This is actually funny to me because I think I had the same type of feeling at 26. People were trying to cheer me up about it an everything but that Birthday felt so obscure. It just didn't have the lasting feeling of 25 or 21. 27 actually gets better because somewhere after that 26th year you realize you just want to enjoy your twenties before they are gone. LOL. Wait until you get to 29...everyone thinks your funny when you are my age. "You are about 35 now aren't you Dane!" Hahaha :-< Jerks. LOL.

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