Monday, November 03, 2008

Ursher at Hammerstein

I'm sitting in Hammerstein ballroom right now waiting for Usher to drag his narrow behind on this stage. I should have demanded that a friend tag along with me because I'm encased in a large melting pot of white, asian and black teenage girls. I couldn't be more out of place. I can hear the shrill, little girl screaming to come in my head right now. But I should have known this right? Who else would a Usher show target? One thing's for sure. Usher could NOT pull Maxwell's grown and sexy crowd. I don't care how long Ursh has been around. And then his last album "Here I Stand" didn't do too well either! Why would his crowd be impressive? But I'm here for a reason. I didn't pay $60 for nothing. I am here because, for one thing, I have never seen this man do his thang. And since I grew up with him, I figured I should see him once before he falls off (which may be soon - who knows). It's my duty. And secondly, I appreciate his athleticism and power. Whether it's flying from a ceiling, jumping off a trampeline or spinning on his head (can he do that?), I fancy his effort to be spectacular. So we'll see what this black man is up to on his least acclaimed tour. Will he work his butt of like he should and impress me? Does he still have it? Mmmm. I have doubts but we shall see.

Update @ 10:33pm

Usher was good! Good for me that is. I'm not sure if my little screaming friends liked it as much as I did. Well I'm sure they got something out of it being that he did his sexy thing for most of the show (hence "one night stand"), but for me, it was the music. To all my music lovin ladies and gentleman out there, let me tell you. His music set was absolutely amazing! There was so much old school soul to the show... which kinda makes sense for Ursh. But not only because he's older. If you think about it, whenever he performs on an awards show, he's usually being tapped to do an old school tribute to a legendary star right? That's because it suits him so well. His style, his voice which was very nice tonight by the way, his energy. It's perfect. (From what I saw this evening, Usher needs to push himself into becoming the soul R&B singer that he can be... singing Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye like songs. Grab a little bit of Maxwell's market share! He wants to show maturity right? Well put away the pop mess like Yeah! (I hate that song) and come to the soul side of things Ursh!) So his show was actually way too old for the crowd. But that didn't bother me! When he bust out with the "back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore..." I dag on near lost my mind. But since the teenie, bopper babies around me didn't get it, I was the one looking like the fool. But so what. Singing songs like Prince's "Until The End of Time" to another song that's on the tip of my tongue but I can't seem to spit it out, Usher catered to my soul. After the show, I called my mom and said "I'm so proud of him." I felt like he was my little baby who worked so hard studying for a text and came home with an A. Would I see him again? Mmmm. Sure, if it was free or if he graduated to the soul side. But all in all Ursh did a pretty fine job. So to him I say, "Go 'head baby boy. I ain't mad at chu."

Check out the part of the show where one lucky lady got some one on one attention below. She must have been pre-picked because she was too good at that. I wouldn't have known WHAT to do. lol.

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