Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miley Cyrus and Stuff

I should be resting my achy, stuffy, sneezing head right now, but I have the urge to blog. About nothing in particular of course.

Is it wrong that I like Miley Cyrus's new song? "Don't you wish that you could be a FLY ON THE WALL!" Ha ha ha. I love it. I've seen her perform twice now. Once on the AMAs and tonight on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. If I was her age and had little to no voice, I'd be doing the same thing, so go 'head Miley! Make that money!

My job has been working the MESS out of me these last couple of days. It's almost like the memo went out that I won't 'be with them much longer so they shot the gun in the air and screamed, "GO GET HER! MAKE HER WORK!" Forget that. I'm done. No I can no longer supply you with a quote. No I don't have P&G's estimates for the year. No I don't have access to SAM data. Leave me alone! Can you believe the girl who's taking over my job had the audacity to cc me on an email saying that I would take care of something before I left. Oh Word?! I believe that tomorrow is my last day. j.a.c. doesn't go above and beyond anymore. Of course I was the only fool there to 5 o'clock these last past 2 days. All of my other laid off co-workers were gone at like 2pm today. Well not tomorrow. I purposefully cleared out my desk today and put my out of office, or out of Time Inc Forever message up. After going through my emails and dumping a whole bunch of forwards and FYI emails into the new girl's inbox, I'm going to drop off my papers to HR and be out! I should be there no longer than 2 hours tomorrow. Watch me.

I like "808s & Heartbreak". But I'm into that sad, meaningful stuff with a new sound. Coldplay, Frou Frou, etc. Kanye's actually speaking about something that resonates with me this time. I can feel his heart in his music, and I appreciate that. You know what it is? I can dance to it. Like get into the studio and choreograph to it. I like that.

I used to like Lisa on "The Housewives of Atlanta", but when she went off on Kim for putting it out in the open how she heard about NeNe's song, I lost respect for her. Lisa went dag on near crazy! Calling her a liar and threatening to push her over the couch. Lol. Push her over the couch. That's funny. If you told Kim, you told Kim! So what?! You said that you already apologized to NeNe for opening your big mouth, so why are you threatening to push Kim backwards over the couch and break her neck?! Calm down! Geez!

Drama. Gross. I have none and I'm so thankful for that. Don't nobody have time to deal with that mess. What does j.a.c. need ya'll?! I NEED PEACE.

I miss my car. I'm about to be 'reunited and it feels so goooooood!' I have a problem though. Since I've been in NY, I haven't bought not one actual compact disc. How am I going to ride around in my car without new music to blaze from the stereo? I could connect my ipod to my radio, but it's not the same. There's static in that thing. I guess I'll have to burn CDs from my iTunes library. But I hate bootleg looking CDs - titles of albums written in big black marker with someone's scratchy handwriting across the blank silver surface. That's so not sexy. Speaking of my car, I have about $8K left to pay on it!!! Wohooo! I'm about to OWN my car!

Jon B has a song on his new album "Helpless Romantic" entitled "The Ride of Our Lives". Oh man. I love it. It's about the joys of bringing a child into this world. Totally unexpected from Jon. The woman's voice on the track is absolutely beautiful. "Then you gave me life through a precious little girl. She changed my focus and helped me notice that that's what love is." I absolutely LOVE Jon B's voice. He doesn't look as good as he used to, but that voice is more perfect than ever.

My manager gave me a bouquet of hot pink roses in a pink and red vase for my bday. They were absolutely beautiful. I didn't realize how much I love flowers. Never thought I was that kind of girl. But they actually make me very happy. I bought myself a sunflower a couple of months ago, and was warm from the inside out having it next to me. Cheesy I know. But whatever. Your girl likes flowers! Sue me.

I'm trying to decide if I want the Blackberry Storm. I still have time to exchange my Curve. I need to test it out. I usually like for them to get the kinks out of it first and then pick up the 2nd generation model. We'll see though.

I did a photography shoot over the weekend for my girl who will be selling this shirt and bag on her site Chris Leeann Boutique. Look at some of my work. She's a gorgeous girl, isn't she?

From ChrisLeeann Boutique - Obama Shirt

From ChrisLeeann Boutique - Obama Shirt

From ChrisLeeann Boutique - Obama Shirt

I also modeled recently for the launch of a clothing line called Shauntele'. As soon as I have pics, I'll share those too.

Ok, it's past midnight. Time to drug myself up and go to sleep. Til tomorrow!


Ananda said...

I love the shirts. Happy Thanksgiving.

But maybe it's just me... said...

Nice work! And the Chris Leeaan Boutique website is sharp!

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