Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dedicated To You

"At this point in our relationship, I have come to the conclusion that the word love no longer can describe how I feel about you. The magnitude of how much I care, the intensity with which I miss you, the degree to which I want to make you happy, cannot be expressed by telling you, "I love you." The mere fact that you have heard the words "I love you" in a past relationship confirms that you will not be bale to grasp how much more you mean to me when I say it. For the reality is, no man, except for Jesus Christ Himself, has or will ever love you more than I do. That is why I need another word. Not just a synonym or acronym, but a powerful, potent word that makes you shiver every time you hear it. A word so filled with passion and conviction that your eyes water just in anticipation of me saying it to you. Until that day comes, it is my only hope that my everyday actions of putting these feelings into practice will make up for the inability to express them to you in words. So what I want for you to do right now is fall into my arms and allow me to squeeze you ever so carefully and sensually. Let the warmth, sincerity, tenderness and protectiveness of my arms say what man has yet to define."
-S. James Guitard


Anonymous said...

That...Right there...DEEP!


Ain't nothing like LOVE man!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Let me know when you get into town. ~RCIII

Daneger said...

I know I am late but this one is really nice.

I have some catching up to do on your blog because I am reading stuff that is shocking me right now.

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