Friday, November 14, 2008

"Cream In My Coffee"

i see them!
i see white boyz!
i promise you they weren't there before.
they were not a part of my world.
but now...
they're everywhere!
where did they come from?
and why are they so fine?
the blinders are off.
i'm in a new world.
unchartered territory.
there's no love lost for my chocolate bars.
i will 4ever love dark chocolate.
my first love.
nothing like it.
but i'm wondering.
could i like white chocolate?
would he know what to do with me?
will he appreciate my cinnamon?
can he do it too?
i wonder.


Eb the Celeb said...

Girl... girl girl... there must be something in the water because I want to dabble but I am scared of the same thing... would a white man really know what to do with all this chocolate... I'm skeptical.

Still havent decided about tomorrow yet...the weather is suppose to be terrible and I hibernate when it rains... so I might miss foreign exchange... if I do make it though definitely come up and introduce yourself... I am so used to that happening now when I'm out that it will be good to actually be expecting it for once.

and girl you work for Essence? I always thought all those emails went to an editor but when ol' boy responded I was like wth... and dont ask which article I responded to because I am keeping that all on the

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Hey lady,

I wanted you to know that you are inspiring to me. Your steadfastness and resolve to serve God is... I can't even find the word right now. Just know that I'll be praying for you. I am sure that you'll be just fine, just continued prayers for your strength. You are a rock!

I hate to highjack this post to comment on another, sorry...had to be said

Jenn Will said...

Its funny I was just thinking the other night, I meet a lot of nice pink toes, but not a lot that I am actually attracted to. Their bodies just don't do it for me. To slim. Few and far between big backs. Sigh.
But do keep me posted on your foray to the other side. :)

Reecie said...

Can't do it...yet. I hope I don't have to...but with the luck I've had this year the notion of dipping over is starting to not sound so absurd. Still...nothing like a Black man.

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