Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last Night

I was so unfocused. I was thinking about last night in service this morning. I wonder if anyone saw me smiling to myself in the corner. And I wasn’t even going to go out. When CR texted me, I was sure I would be asleep before they got into the city. Actually, I was hoping I would be so I could stay under my warm electronic blanket. But I was writing at the time and my thoughts weren’t fading. There was no time to lay my head down.

When I left Tillman’s, the dude outside said, “You came alone AND you had all of them going crazy.” Did I? But what do the two have to do with one another? I’m confused. Anyway, I know one thing. I had a ball. CR and his main man, who will forever be my favorite dance partner, were the best company. Just me and the guys. In fact, I felt like I was the only female in there. In a sea of men. Yes there were other females but I think I talked to not a one. Like I said, last night, it was just me and the fellas. I danced. Laughed my butt off. Had interesting conversations about deserving the best. I even made new friends acquaintances.

I was talking to dudes like I knew them for 15 years. But that’s the environment that the spot lends itself to. It’s so intimate that you have no choice but to feel like you know everybody. It’s perfect. Everyone in there is family. And how could you not be family when the DJ drops old school joints you haven’t heard in 10 years? Music bonds the world.

On the way out, I squeezed my way through the crowd and mysteriously found myself sandwiched between two of the cutest men who seemed to have come out of nowhere. (They surely weren’t there for all 2 and a half hours of my time there. Your girl would have noticed them quickly.) But check this. I swear that time stood still and the world froze as they stopped their convo and stared down at me. They made me nervous! And I never get nervous around men. Or at least I haven’t been so since my high school days when I had a crush on the Greek guy in my class. You know what it was though? They were both tall. Yes! That’s what it was! Because I’ve never had a tall boyfriend, I am fascinated with men above 6 feet. I’m intrigued by that big man, little woman thing. How would it be to look up at him? To stand on my tippy toes to reach his lips? Hmmm. Anyway, yes. Those two pillars of chocolate stunned the mess out of me. It’s a good thing my mind went blank because I might have had a new temptation on my hands. =)

I have a feeling that whenever I hang out with CR, my world will light up. His ring leader craziness is infectious.

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