Friday, December 12, 2008

Basic Instinct - My Reaction

I just finished watching Basic Instinct. It was my first time seeing it. I think my day is ruined. I probably shouldn't have watched it first thing in the morning. I feel a little screwed up. I will never look at Sharon Stone the same way again.

I need to watch a romantic comedy right now. Maybe that'll kick this creepy tingle I have going down my spine.

Well they surely don't make movies like that anymore.


T.C. said...

Oh yes a comedy is needed RIGHT NOW! watch Maid in Manhatten, The Holiday, heck even watch something thats just plain ignant...Friday after Next...HA!

Reecie said...

What is wrong with Basic Instinct? I love that movie! If you think that was bad then you definitely should never watch the movie she did after that "Slither".

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